URGENT! How to read this judgement?

I am a law student and my professor has set us a particular case to read. In his papers it says he wants us to read 'A v Hayden (1984) 156 CLR 532 at 578-92 per Brennan J.'

I have found the case but am at a loss as to what he means by '578-92'. The case is only 35 pages long so I'm assuming it doesn't mean page 578 or anything. If ANYONE knows what this means I would be so grateful. I can't email him because he is overseas now. I have searched my citation books but can't work it out.

Thank you.

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    A v Hayden = Case Name

    (1984) = Date of Decision

    156 = Reporter volume number

    CLR = Common Law Reporter

    532 = Page the case begins on, in the Reporter

    578-92 = Span of specific pages referred to

    per Brennan J = Opinion of Justice Brennan, which begins at 578

    He just wants you to read Brennan's opinion. Are you sure the excerpt isn't in your casebook?

    Here's the case


    If you're reading the case online instead of reading the Reporter in the library, those page numbers for the section are immaterial. Simply type "Brennan" into the "find" box on your browser, and it will scroll right to Brennan's opinion, which is the section your professor wants you to read. It begins:

    "BRENNAN J. In five actions brought in the original jurisdiction of this Court, eleven plaintiffs seek orders restraining the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, the previous Director-General of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service ("ASIS"), the Acting Director-General and the Commonwealth of Australia from disclosing the plaintiffs' respective identities. To preserve their anonymity and to ensure that the institution of the proceedings does not strip it away, the plaintiffs are identified merely by the letters A to K. Conscious of the risk that the plaintiffs may lose the anonymity they seek to protect if the actions were to go to trial, the parties in each action have agreed upon the stating of a case for the opinion of the Full Court pursuant to s.18 of the Judiciary Act 1903 (Cth). The cases are stated in similar terms; some of them in substantially the same terms. I shall quote the material parts of the stated cases without distinguishing among them for I do not apprehend that there is any significance in the source of the quotations for the determination of the questions of law reserved for our consideration. "

    Good luck

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    That should mean the page numbers.

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    it isn't going to hurt you to read the WHOLE case. Ye Gods above! you're in COLLEGE. you're supposed to actually learn.

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