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Steve915 asked in SportsGolf · 7 years ago

When will the CBS announcers admit tomorrow that Tiger Woods has no chance of winning the PGA?

I'm saying that he has to be 15 shots out of the lead going into Sunday before they say he has no chance.

BQ- Who WILL win the PGA?

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    CBS isn't NBC, so it will come sooner. If Eldrick is 8 shots out at the end of the third with 20 guys ahead of him, the CBS guys have enough stones to say he's done. Now that doesn't mean they won't cut to Eldrick over and over and ignore guys who can actually win it, but they will make it clear that Eldrick is toast. That said, I think Roger Maltbie will be making calls to CBS producers the entire time coming up with absurd scenarios about how Eldrick really is still in it.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    well lets start off by saying if anybody can pull this off its tiger and if dufner can shoot low why cant tiger or phil do it. and its cause they just cant say it cause what were to happen if they did say it and tiger won. they would get yelled at. I want matt kuchar to win

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  • 7 years ago

    Thriteen strokes or more.

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