Should a 14 year old get a belly piercing ?

I'm 14 and I've wanted my belly button pierced for 2 years now and I'm prepared to wait 2 more till I'm 16 . I've read everything there is to know about them and watched all the peircing videos on youtube and I know how to clean and take care of the peircing . I might show it of to my girl friends but not guys because I'm not slutty . I'm not wanting to get it because of anyone i just think its a great way to express my individuality as a teenager who is diffrent . I've never asked my mom about it or said anything to her about wanting one because I think she might say no. But I want to get it before I turn 18 . Should I plan on getting one ? How can I talk to my mom about it ? How can I convince her ?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Im 14 also :p I think that it might not be the best idea? i think belly piercings are a bit too sexual? it would be better if maybe it was another type of piercing not a belly button one? like a lip or nose ring would look fine :) belly button piercings are also very hard to take care also of and get infected easily! you should just talk to your mom about it and maybe she might let you. Good luck! ^-^

  • 8 years ago

    I got mines top one done when I was 13. I talked my mom into letting me get it for my birthday ( it was a lot of beginning and aggravating her). Cause if you go to a professional you will need parental consist. Depends on which one you go to mines I went to a real professional she's been doing piercing alone for over 30+ years and she made my mom sign a bunch of papers just saying that she is letting me get it and if anything happens the piercer is not responsible for it (all piercers who are professional makes you sign papers that tell you that they are not responsible if it gets infected not matter if your younger or older than 18). I just kept aggravating my mom I went from Christmas to my birthday when she asked me what I wanted for both of them I told her belly piercing and nothing else which an just aggravated her and she finally gave in for my 13th birthday. It really didnt hurt. I think my second hole hurt worse that that. Now that I am 19 about to be 20 in a few months. I have a tongue piercing, industrial in both ears, 2 regular hole piercings in both ear, and a double navel piercing ( one at the top and one at the bottom). I didn't get them both at the same time and I advice you to let your piercer know ( if you do want to get them both) to put the first one up more than it should. I think it's cool and different don't get them at the same time cause it will hurt I've heard from people who did get them at the same time that it doesn't feel good. They are cool and different you barely see people walking around with them to. Your age doesn't determine if you can get it or not. They are cool and easy piercing to get infected so please take care of it. If you going to a beach or something put a bandaid over it.

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    Sit her down and explain to her in great detail what you just wrote. If she says no, DO NOT throw a fit, it will only make you look immature, agree then ask what it is you can do to gain her trust into letting you do it. Also I genuinely don't believe any piercings are 'slutty', if you're slutty, YOU are slutty, not the piercing. I have even seen very classy girls pull off piercings that generally carry a more negative stigma (Monroe,tongue,belly button etc.) and they didnt look the least bit slutty because they carried themselves very well.

    Good luck(:

  • 8 years ago

    Navel piercings are essentially surface piercings which have a risk of rejection and migration. When you do one on a young, growing body those risks increase dramatically. It would be best to wait until you're at least 16 to get the piercing.

    There's really no telling how you can convince your mom, none of us know her. Do your research, compile all the information to show her you're being responsible, offer to pay for it, and ask nicely. Give a compromise. If she says no, accept that.

    And please, don't think of someone as being slutty simply for showing their stomach to a guy. You are too young to be continuing the sad trend of calling women sluts for no reason.

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  • 8 years ago

    I think 14 might be a bit young but 16 is an appropriate age to get one in my opinion. In order to convince your mom, just tell her exactly what you told yahoo; that you want one to express your individuality and because you find them pretty. Include the fact that you researched everything to know about belly piercings because it'll show her that you're responsible. Also offer to pay for it yourself because that will also show that your responsible plus it will give her one less reason to say no. Good Luck!

  • 8 years ago

    Parents don't really take to belly piercings... My mom let me get mine pierced right before I turned 14 and now I'm 20...and my dad still doesn't know. Just be up front with it and say its just something you want you think it's adorable.

  • 8 years ago

    Hey! I am 14 about to turn 15, and i want one so badly aswell! Try talking to her about it, but if she says noo.. then in that case, try to earn money so when you get a little older u can get one. And if your mom is really strict about it, but you want one more than anything..u have no choice but to get it WITHOUT telling her.!

    If you wan tany advice or want to talk email me here:

    Hope i helped! :)

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