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A term for 'thinkers block"?

Ok, so I am a thinker. I think about all kinds of things. I want to come up with an idea that hasn't been thought of before. Everything I think of, someone has thought of before or its a slight modification of an idea that existed before. I will give you an example. The first person that came up with the idea that the world might be round instead of flat. How did he get that brand new idea? Why is it so hard to imagine something that 'doesn't exist'? It is my understanding that to come up with a great idea you require a problem that needs to be solved. The light bulb for example, its dark you need to see so how can you solve that problem. I want to be remembered in history as a man that came up with an amazing idea. I think of all sorts of things, from simple every day inventions to complex space travel ideas. I want to think way outside of the box but I'm have a hard time doing it. I don't want to base my idea off of someone else's idea. I want to be completely original. It seems almost impossible to conjure up something that nobody else has thought of before. Also, I don't want it to be a small idea, like a new gizmo or gadget. I want to create an idea that will change the world. Oh how I wish I could connect to the 'Akashic records'.

I guess my overall question is this; Why is it so hard to imagine something you've never seen and how can you change that?

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    You already mention a possible solution: choose a problem people have, one that gives you the hunch that there is a solution there, somewhere, and try things to solve it (you mention the lightbulb. It seems Edison tried 10,000 different kinds of wiring until he found the one that worked!).

    Also, don't go for the big prize all at once. Start solving small problems, build your expertise and confidence, and grow from there. Again with Edison, he created a lot of inventions besides the big ones.

    And use the scientific method. To know something, you have to try something. Do yourself a favor and learn about about the PDCA cycle (plan do check act).

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    Turn your thinking. Don't think "what's new?" Think "what can I change?"

    The light bulb is what happened when someone ran electric current through a wire. You need to not think of new things, but experiment and toy with things that already exist.

    There is no such thing as an original idea.

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    "Akashic Record" is a misleading new age terminology that refers to something that can not actually be "accessed" by attempting to do so. rather, it "accesses" you, once you stop trying to "access" "it". your ambitious ardors will succeed only in blinding you from the truth, that no-mind is the only source of "wisdom"

    "thinking" clouds your vision..

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    Mystery and imagination arise from the same source. This

    source is called darkness…Darkness within darkness, the

    gateway to all understanding – Lao Tzu

    It is important for high initiation to regard light not as the

    perfect manifestation of the Eternal Spirit, but rather as the

    veil which hides that spirit - Aleister Crowley

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    Erase all of your anti-imagination conditioning... and meditate. :)

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    You're having a brain fart.

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