Dish Network Hopper SlingPlayer application on Mac password help?

OK, that question title is pretty confusing but there really isn't an easy way to ask it...

We switched to Dish Network from Direct TV a few days ago and received the Hopper DVR. The Hopper has SlingBox functionality and it works just fine on my daughter's iPad 1 and my wife's iPad Mini. Those devices access the Hopper/Slingbox thru the "Dish Anywhere" app. Now, when I want to access the Hopper/Slingbox from my laptop (MacBook Air - 2.13 GHz C2D, 4 GB RAM), I have to go to "" and it uses the non-64 bit Safari internet plug-in SlingPlayer to access the Hopper. My issue is when I use that process to view my Dish Network programming from the Hopper, the video and audio is very garbled especially on the higher quality settings (auto or HD). I have tried it thru the internet browsers FireFox & Chrome as well with the same results. I check my activity monitor and can see how that plug-in uses upwards of 95% of my CPU. So, I was thinking rather than using a discrete plug-in thru an internet browser to access the Hopper/Slingbox, maybe using a dedicated program/app would be more efficient and/or direct. I downloaded the SlingPlayer program and upon running it, it saw the Hopper and gave me the little window that said "A password is required to connect to the Slingbox named Family Room". When I enter my password like I do thru "", it doesn't connect as if the password is wrong. Since it's asking me for a password, there must be a correct one, right? So, if anyone reading this has done the same thing or happen to know what is going on here, please advise. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Hi there Cobman151, My name is Kimberly and I form part of the Social Media Department with DISH. It is my pleasure to assist you today. After reading your post I see that you are having difficulties connecting to DISH Anywhere through your Mac Book device. The Hopper/ Sling will not work with the Sling Player program, it is only designed to work with DISH Anywhere. When accessing DISH Anywhere are you doing this using your in service network or an out service network? If you are using your in service network please provide us the download speed and upload speed of your service. You can obtain this information by running a speed test at You can contact me directly at:

    Kimberly Escobar

    Social Media Representative

    DISH L.L. C

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    Dish Network Slingbox

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