Do i have tourettes syndrome or brain cancer?

Sometimes i am having a weired pain in the back side of my head,it does not hurt me,but it makes me feel dizziness , when i lay down i get somehow relief and my neck also jerks.

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    8 years ago
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    I would go to your doctor & get checked for benign essential tremors or cervical dystonia.

    I have the same symptoms & laying down does give some relief. These symptoms prompted me to go to the doctors & I was diagnosed with cervical dystonia. Neck jerking is a neurological problem which a person cannot control movements going on in the body.You need to see an neurologist.

    Benign Essential Tremor ---

    Cervical Dystonia ---

    Source(s): I have cervical dystonia.
  • 8 years ago

    You certainly haven't got Tourettes as you didn't mention swearing or jerking movements. You could certainly have Arthritis in the neck as that can cause the symptoms you described, there's another muscle problem called Dystonia and this is similar to what you are suffering. I can sense it's worrying you so please visit your Dr asap.

    Source(s): Family person
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