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California vs Florida vs new York?

Which is the best?

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    California. Since California itself is the most vast among all these states, it has more personality. California is seperated by the weather and lifestyle such as the bay area, socal, central valley etc. For freezing NY weather, drive up north to Truckee, the coldest city in the whole state. For hot, humid FL weather, go down to LA where its hot and the air is polluted which makes it feel humid. But for perfect weather year-round there's San Diego. Can't get that in NY or FL. Also we don't get that many bomb threats. They're all in the east coast. We have the safest city in America in Orange County, the city of Irvine. We also have the most diverse city up in the bay, Vallejo. Also us here in California have a biiiig passion for sports especially here in the bay.

    Source(s): bay area born and raised
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    florida- GREAT beaches you can also get tones of entertainment in miami. Parties are constantly going on near south beach.

    New York- If you like the big city with constant activities where something is always going on New york is your best bet. THere is NO OTHER big city quite like it not LA not SF not miami.

    California- California really has everything. Beaches, mountains, desert, big cities. Beaches arent as good as they are in florida though they might be if your a surfer. The waves are a lot better here. Yosemite is one of the most beutiful places in the world. SF and LA are great cities. San Diego has the perfect weather.

    Source(s): from california, visited nyc as well as miami
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    I'd say California. Florida has more coastline, and it's warm and nice, but it's just really humid. California has coastline but also snow-capped mountains, desert, redwood forests, etc. Upstate New York is very pretty, especially in the fall, but then Winter comes and you can't even go outside. California has a few weeks of overcast with the occasional drizzle. NYC is great if you like big cities (which, actually, I do) but it's not easy to live in.

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    new york was annoying for me. just buildings and subways and way too expensive. Ive never been to california but I like florida i would go near the beaches

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