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Which common name do you like best Ava Nicole or Olivia Jade?

BQ:What do you think of these names IF THEY WERE NOT SO COMMON?

BQ2:What do you think of the name Sage for a girl?

BQ3:Middle names for Sage?

BQ4:Middle names for Violet?

Feminine names- no boy or unisex names.Although Sage is unisex.But looking for more feminine ideas for middles for Sage and Violet.


Please answer all questions.Especially the main question.

Update 2:

Like I said middle names for Sage.

Also I forgot to say.

Please do not say Rosemary,Lisa,

Tabitha or Elizabeth.

Update 3:

The future baby would get my surname.Which I am not posting.Bu I will say t it is not Smith.

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  • 8 years ago
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    BQ: I like both names. My name is actually Olivia and it wasn't as common when I was named that so I've never thought of it as an overused name. Ava is a sweet name too, but it doesn't have many nickname options. I like both of the middle names, especially Jade.

    BQ2: I didn't use to like the name Sage but lately it has been growing on me, especially with the spelling Saige. It's unique without being weird. I like it. The only downside to this name is that it doesn't have many nicknames.

    BQ3: Sage Amelia, Sage Isabella & Sage Olivia

    BQ4: Violet Rosalie, Violet Serena & Violet Natalia

  • Ava Nicole!

    1. they would be ARORABLE!!

    2. I think it's alright... I prefer Paige

    3. Sage Elise, Sage Francine, Sage Josephine

    4. Violet Marie, Violet Persephonie, Violet Harper

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Scarlet or Charlotte Sage is cute, and both are very feminine. You could still call her Sage.

    Violet Elizabeth

    Sage Victoria

  • Ilanit
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    8 years ago

    Really awesome names I love them!!!!

    I like Olivia Jade better though----adorable adorable name!!!!!

    Sage is a pretty,meaningful name and pretty much unique:)

    Sage Montana or Sage Madison or Sage Jean or Sage Brielle are extra cute in my opinion

    Violet Rose is gorgeous. So is Violet Peyton and Violet Heather and Violet Hollyanne/Hollyanna

    Feminine names: Miranda, Brielle, Brianna, Katie/Kate, Piper, Jemma/Gemma, Kendall, Kylie, Kelly, Nellie, Natalie, Madeline, Charlotte, Miriam, Kirsten, Trista, Cherry/Cherie, Clementine, Jennelle, Penelope, Claire, Clarissa/Clara, Georgina, Summer, Victoria

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  • 8 years ago

    Ava Nichole

    I like them regardless. Theyre popular for a reason.

    I like Sage

    Sage And Violet can be nicely used together.

  • 8 years ago

    Olivia Jade!

    because nicole is way to common.

    If nicole wasnt way to common the Ava nicole for sure.

    I like jade better then nicole!

    I like ava way way way better then olivia!

    **Why not Ava Jade!?

    I like the name sage alot.

    I like it more as a middle name thoo!!?

    Sage Mia. Sage Myah. Sage Kylie. Sage Caitlyn.

    Sage Megan. Sage Cheyanne. Sage Juliette.

    Sage Noelle. Sage Michelle.

    -Sage Adelyn

    Sage Ivy, Sage Rose, Sage Ivy-rose.

    Sage Lilly, Sage delilah?

    -Alexandria Sage??

    Andrea Sage?

    Evangeline Sage.

    Angelina Sage.

    Evelyn Sage?

    i dont like violet.

  • 8 years ago

    Olivia Jade! :)

    1. The name sounds pretty and smart, without being too girly.

    2. I like unique names, so I guess its alright. But I don't love it

    3. Sorry, I'm really not sure...

    4. Carey (Smith as a surname)


  • Nicki
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    8 years ago

    I prefer Olivia Jade.

    I don't really like Nicole, which has nothing to do with the commonness.

  • RITA
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    8 years ago

    Olivia Jade is best

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