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Where to sell old rewritten articles on the internet?


I am a freelance writer and I have written ans sold plenty of articles in the last 1 year. I am thinking to rewrite the articles and sell them online.

Can someone please tell me some websites where I can sell my rewritten articles. I have decided to sell every 300-500 word article for $5. Kindly let me know your advice and views. Thanks in advance!

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    1. Sell your articles on websites like Constant Content and Daily Article. With these websites, you create an account and upload individual articles that you have written and want to sell. You can set your own price for the articles. Buyers can see a preview of your articles before they make the purchase. When purchased, the money from the article stays in your account at the website. These sites designate the pay period intervals, at which time you'll receive the money you've earned from articles sold.

    2. Apply for an account with a revenue-sharing website like Associated Content, Bright Hub and Suite101. These services buy the articles you write upfront, usually for a modest fee of around $3 to $10, on average. When your article gets published on the site, it can be read by Web searchers and page visitors. You earn royalties from published articles when visitors read and view your article. The royalty amount depends on the individual site to which you publish your article, but is generally set on a payment rate per thousand page views.

    3. Create your own website and sell your articles directly to website visitors and buyers. With this method of selling your articles online, you can set articles at any price-point. You can also designate the specific rights each buyer receives when purchasing your articles. For example, selling articles as Private Label Rights (PLR) articles means that you'll generally set a lower price-point, but sell the article multiple times to many buyers and allow the buyers to modify the written content. On the other hand, you can sell articles' full rights, meaning that you can set a higher price and only sell the article once to a single buyer.

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    challenging aspect. research onto google. this could actually help!

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