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Help with my makeup products?!?!?

I have oily skin. SUPER SUPER oily skin. Like imagine oily skin an multiply that by 100. I have been on the search for a good foundation for 2 years. Icant find one that lasts more than 2 hours. It always melts and gets shiny and makes my skin looks HORRIBLE. Please somebody know an AMAZING makeup foundation for oily skin?!

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    honey i feel ya. i am 23 years old and i have been searching for a great foundation to COMPLETELY eliminate the sight of oil and i just found it 3 months ago after basically soul searching for the correct foundation. Bare Minerals is the way to go!!! It is a mineral based foundation that is perfect for oil, blemishes,red cheeks, everything! Although it is expensive you can spend 60 dollars for a starter kit which includes: your matched color, 2 brushs, setter (it goes on after your foundation to set in the foundation and to make it more flawless), and a bronzer. Best part is they give you enough for like 8 months and you only need a tiny little bit to cover your face flawlessly!! Its called the SWIRL, TAP, BUFF effect. heres the link check it out! It changed my life!!! ( and it covers imperfections perfectly!)

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    I have super oily skin too. I just discover the armani maestro foundation. It helps with my oiliness on my face except my nose, which tend to get a bit oily. However, my entire face was pretty matt through out the day. I don't know if you want to invest it or not since it's $62 per bottles. Even though it's kind of expensive, you only use one or two drops for your entire face. Also, it is a very light foundation, it feels like you're not wearing anything at all.

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    bare minerals, mineral hygienics, or virgin minerals.. they are between 20-30 dollars I believe.. which might be pricey for you but they are powders.. and liquid is for dry skin and powder is for oily skin. The great thing about those 3 makeups is they are made out of minerals. Bare minerals has 5 ingredients, mineral hygiencis has 4 and virgin minerals have 3. These 3 makeup products are amazing for oily skin, and can actually aid your skin in someone as long as you give your face some air time. They don't make you breakout what so ever. Check them out, do some research. Bare minerals can be found in ulta, mineral hygienics online, and virgin minerals at the body shop in the mall. Hope this helped you!

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    you need face primer!

    smashbox is totally amazing but if you don't feel like spending 30$ then neutrogena is kind of good, or you could try another brand, those are the only two i've tried though!

    as for foundation, maybelline fit me line is really good! and for throughout the day get oil blotting pads at target or a grocery store! they're not that expensive! then set your face with corn starch! i know it sounds weird but it actually works, just make sure you blend it out!

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    Covergirl stay fabulous 3 in one foundation. It's a concealer, primer, and a subscreen. The primer helps your foundation last long and keeps oil away. It's also inexpensive, so it's good to experiment with.

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    You should try the estee lauder double wear foundation and powder. I'd also try the clarins ever matte

    and you should look into mattifying primers. I'm still looking for a good one

  • Hello Flawless by Benefit

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    Check this makeup video to learn how to choose and apply foundation , highlight and shading. You will learn the techniques needed to make your foundation longer lasting

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    Hope i helped


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