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Why did my dad say this?

Yesterday night I went for a shower did my hair and stuff and put on some make up , After that I went the the living room to talk to my mom and my dad came in he started hugging me and said 'your going to be a little heart breaker' ... 'And your going to break my heart one day do you now that ?'

He sounded like he was upset when he said it like it pained him

What did he mean by that? I mean I've got two big sisters so I'm his last little girl

I'm really upset

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    It's not the words he used, it's what he meant. Translated . . . I love you more than I can EVER explain. I wish you could be my baby girl forever. (Baby girl as in, young. You will ALWAYS be his baby girl no matter how old you are)

    You'll break his heart someday because he knows how wonderful you are and you will find a good man to take of you. When that day comes, he will feel as if his days of being your knight in shinning armor will end.

    You are his most precious. Not because he loves you more than your sisters, but because you represent his last days of being "Daddy" and now becoming "Dad" and "Grandpa".

    Never question how much your Father loves and cares about you. You will fight and someday even be at great odds. But, know this, If any Man hurts you, Daddy will be there to make sure that that will be the last mistake that man will ever make.

    Happy thoughts.

    Source(s): A Father and Grandfather.
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    Oh, honey, it just means your dad loves you. You're his last girl, and it hurts him to see you so grown up. It probably just hit him you're no longer a little girl, but a young woman. It always hurts loving parents to see their little babies grow up into young adults, and it seems men in particular have a hard time with their daughters getting older. He said you're going to break his heart because it DOES break a dad's heart to see his little girl grow up, go to her first school dance, go out on her first date, get married... Well, you get the picture. My mom cried when I started pre-school, and I know both of them secretly cried when I graduated. I'm the oldest, and there's only my little brother after me. They're proud, yes, they're so incredibly proud it hurts, but it also kills them to know you're all grown up and will soon be leaving them.

    Your dad being pained by you growing up just means he loves you. He misses the days when you were a little girl and ran up to him with a broken toy asking him to fix it, or ran up crying with a skinned knee because daddy can always make it better. At least, that's how it was with my dad.

    I don't know if you like country, but if you do, the next two might give you a good idea why your dad was hurting. They're two of my favorites, at least, and the first one I've already decided that one of them is going to be the father-daughter dance at my wedding, when it eventually happens.

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    Hey! Don't worry too much about it. He says you're going to break his heart, because you are growing up. When he saw you with makeup he probably realized that his little girl is growing up. He said it in a painful way because it's hard to watch your youngest grow up.

    Source(s): My parents! I'm the oldest and my step-dad said somewhat of the same thing to my little sister.
  • Leigh
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    7 years ago

    Don't be upset. Your Dad just loves you and one day when you get married it's going to make him sad because you won't be his little girl anymore. Don't feel guilty though. It's a part of life.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Hmm maybe bcuz of ur makeup nd all u will break hearts of boys..and about the u will break his heart...means that u will leave the house soon....and grow up and ur his last girl :/ dads r like that been through that....

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    dont be sad my dad tells me that too, it just meens that his "little girl is growing up" and that your beautiful and alot of boys will be chasing after u, there for u will break some hearts because they want you so much but u dont want them so much. and that one day u might get married and he wont be the man in your life anymore it will be your husband that u will love dearly. it sounds like your father loves you very much and always make sure he knows u love him too :)

    Source(s): personal experience
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    Well hes worried about you ofcourse but hm..

    Why dont you just go ask him?

    Why are people so complicated these days.

    Maybe you'r growing up fast and hes sad because of that

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Don't be upset.

    It just means that he doesn't want you to grow up.

    Because he'll hardly ever get to see you.

    You're precious to him.

    He loves you too much to let you go.

    Source(s): My dad said pretty much the same thing and I'm the youngest too.
  • AKT
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    7 years ago

    Your sisters did things that he didn't like. He maybe mean that

    you leave the home one day, and he will miss you.

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