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Names for these characters?

I need names for each of these characters I'm putting in a fanfiction, preferably a few names (3+) but any will do. Also, they're all girls because I needed to balance it out (since the fanfic's only non OCs are boys).

(All of them are around 20-22)

Girl One:

(Main character's best friend)

Hair-medium length dark brown, wavy and curly with slight side bang

Eyes-deep blue

Skin Tone-slightly tanned


Personality-Can be shy, romantic, likes gaming, not afraid to speak her mind, funny, likes camping, played soccer in highschool


Girl Two:

(Close friend of main)

Hair-slightly shorter than shoulder length brown


Skin Tone-light olive toned

Figure-Tall and thin

Personality-intelligent, enjoys reading and writing, prefers tea over coffee

Job/Hobby-Works at local coffee shop

Girl Three:

(Another close friend)

Hair-honey blonde, usually in a ponytail, straight bangs


Skin Tone-tanned, not very dark though

Figure-Slightly shorter than the rest of her friends, average weight/etc.

Personality-quirky, outgoing, sweet, loves to help, loves organizing get-togethers and parties, likes kids

Job/Hobby-Cooking (not proffessionally as a job, just a hobby)

Thanks! :D xoxo

Edit: Had no idea what category to put this in, sorry if I confused anyone! I am not having a baby, just making characters.

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    Taylor Anne Orr

    Chrissa Jeanette Louis

    Tessa Ryleigh Begue (Beggie)

    Jaynee Lex Keener

    Victoria (Tori) Faith Hollis

    Dayna Michelle Landtroop

    Kylee Madison Hawthorne

    Breanna Jane Melcher

    Cydni Rebecca Ryan

    Courtney JoAnne Parker

    Meghan Ashley Nance

    Abbetha (Abba) Grace Reid

    Devin Arielle Thornton


    Caroline Elizabeth Richey

    Stephanie Judith Holmes

    Lilah Grace Williams

    Bonnie Renee Smith

    Isabelle (Belle or Izzy) Kathleen Glass

    Zoe Wren Welch

    Gabriella (Ella) Makayla Jergins

    Vanessa Anne Palmero

    Danielle Grace White (Gracie)

    Leslie Nicole Hunter (Nikki)

    Celina Maria Langston


    Hannah Grace Richey

    Coleen Rebekah Persell

    Brinley Elizabeth Elkins

    Ila Kathryn McCaneless

    Mary Elizabeth Lane

    Aria Lilith Pons

    Abigail Reagan McGee

    Maddie Nikole Shore

    Alexa Kaylyn Martain

    Rachael Elizabeth Moore

    Kimberly Michelle Porter

    Lillian Paige Rafferty

    Sienna Hazelle Prior

    Hope I Helped!!!:) Good Luck!!!:)

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    Girl 1~ Leila, Lori, Nicole, Crystal, Alice

    Girl 2~ Tara, Fiona, Celine, Tessa, Liza

    Girl 3~ Katie, Naomi, Rachel, Emma, Avery

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    Jessica Leigh Diane Farnsworth - Girl 1

    Audrey Jayne Marie Robershaw - Girl 2

    Aurora Rose Meadows - Girl 3

    Girl 1 - I thought suited a modern popular name also its easy to spell and for people to remember for her channel.

    Girl 2 - I thought suited an old fashioned name as she sounds quite mature.

    Girl 3 - She sounds sweet and dreamy and suited a sweet , flowery , dreamy name.

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    Girl one: Katrina or Kat for short

    Girl 2:Hazel

    Girl 3:Wendy

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    Girl One: Mackenzie ( but called Mackie)

    Girl Two: Janelle

    Girl Three: Erica

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    Girl 1: Jessie (nicknames: JJ or Jess) or Jordan (nicknames: Jo or J)

    These names are common but they are typically for sporty girls which feels right for this character.

    Girl 2: Harlow (nickname: Har) or Willow (nickname: Low) or Ivy (no nickname)

    I would never name my kids this but she seems like an edgy kindred spirit and I feel like these suit her.

    Girl 3: Samantha (nickname: Sam) or Peyton (no nickname) or Lydia (no nickname) or Hailey (nickname: Hails)

    This one is hard. I think I like Lydia. I might think of more. This girl just seems like she is the type of person who is weird but owns it and loves with all of her heart.

    I hope this helped. If its ok, I'd like the link to your fanfic. I wanna read it. Will it be on wattpad?

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