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Pirated games, feel guilty?

In general I have pirated some games and software and played pirated games. I feel so guilty knowing I have broke the law. How do I get rid of it? Do I just turn myself in? I can't get this off my mind.


It's the moral, the fact that if I was somehow caught I would be prosecuted.

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    All you have to do is delete the games and stop pirating. Turning yourself in is not worth it. It would be a lot of time and maybe money and it isn't worth it when you can simply stop. If you are a Christian, repent, and you are pretty much fine. I also used to pirate (mostly music), however I stopped about half a year ago. If you delete the games and stop pirating you will never be prosecuted or anything. Even if some law officer were to figure out you used to pirate, they would not do anything about it. There are so many people who do that these days that there is no time to deal with any except those who either pirate a ridiculous amount of stuff (millions of songs. thousands of games, thousands of movies, etc.) or pirate items and resell them to friends for money. And if it helps, I think the statistic is that about 98% of Americans have broken the law. If you feel guilty every time you do (whether purposefully or accidentally) you will have a really fun life.

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    most people who pirate the game and movies and such actually buy more than a person who doesn't pirate.... people who pirate play a game and if they enjoy that game and feel its worth the money then they go out and buy it... it called being a responsible consumer.... some game companies even provide updates for the pirated versions because they know people who pirate the games actually buy more... you shouldn't feel guilty unless you had no intention of buying the game

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    Am I the only one who knows no one gives a ****, nobody gonna do u anything for pirating games.If you turn urself in they will laugh and say GTFO of here. Most ppl pirate games like wtf is this family guy ur over reacting

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    Just go and buy the games legitimately and stop pirating.

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    why? lots and lots of people do it all the time. thats super small to turn yourself in for. they're dealing with murderers and robbers and sex offenders. -like they fot time for someone stealing games off the internet... i think not.

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