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Have tourists been banned from smoking and buying weed in Amsterdam's coffee shops?

Me and a few friends are thinking about going to Amsterdam in July 2014, but we don't know if tourists have been banned from smoking and buying weed.

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    No it's not. Dutch municipalities are free to ban foreigners if they want to. Amsterdam has chosen not to do that. So, the city is filled with foreign druggies just like it has been for decades.

    Source(s): Dutch,follow the national news.
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    This has to be the 11.502nd time this has been asked.

    The answer is yes - but in Amsterdam you still can feed your addiction.

    All junkies can still smoke- provided they do not cause any trouble.

    If you do, you can get arrested twice, as formally drug use is still a crime.

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    7 years ago

    I went there a year ago, went into a coffee shop in the red light district. They sold me joints in prepackaged plastic tubes.

    Also some Italian, leather wearing 'rock star' type dude was smoking absurd amounts of weed in a bong that would floor an elephant. His girlfriend, also wearing creaking leather, was doing more than him... she must have smoked away half of her childhood?...


    yes its banned but not enforced, go there, get high and take in a great city, its awesome.

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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    Yes but it will not be enforced.

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    Yes they have been.

    Source(s): Paid a visit to holland for other reasons
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