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Jared asked in SportsBasketball · 7 years ago

Which team would win?

Pg: Magic

Sg: Drexler

Sf: granger

Pf: Kemp

C: Mutombo

6: J.r smith

7. Daryll dawkins

Pg: Big o

Sg: Reggie Miller

Sf: paul pierce

Pf: Duncan

C: ewing

6: Dell curry

7: duckworth

Pg: Kerr

Sg: M.j

Sf: Mullin

Pf: Garnett(everyone in prime)

C: tyson chandler

6: scola

7: jamaal carwdford

Pg: Cousy

Sg: joe johnson

Sf: worthy

Pf: Nowitzki

C: Horford

6: metta wp

7: teague

Pg: mugsy

Sg: sam jones

Sf: jsmoove

pf: barkley

C: David Robinson

6: beal

7: willie green

Pg: Cp3

Sg: nick anderson

Sf: pippen

Pf: Malone

C: willis reed

6: jarret jack

7: sam perkins

Pg: Drose

Sg: kobe

Sf: george gervin

Pf: rodman

C: asik

6: hornacek

7: jimmy butler

Pg: stockton

Sg: Ray allen

Sf: parsons

Pf: stoudemire

C: Moses malone

6: byron scott

7: avery bradley

Pg: parker

sg: gill

Sf: bird

pf: larry johnson

C: olajuwon

6: birdman

7: norris cole

Pg: frazier

Sg: shumpert

Sf: marvin williams

Pf: Boozer

C: shaq

6: nate robinson

7: jermain oneal

Pg: devin harris

Sg: ginobili

Sf: wesley matthews

Pf: bill russell

C: jabbar

6: k.c jones

7: randy foye

Pg: jerry west

Sg: mitch richmond

Sf: gay

pf: cody zeller

C: daughtergly

6: anthony bennent

7: ryan hollins

Pg: colison

sg: mike miller

Sf: Lbj

pf: bosh

C: Wilt

6: battier

7: ryan gomes

Pg: Rondo

Sg: vince carter

Sf: Mcgrady

Pf: david west

C: mourning

6: grant

7: chalmers

This is 14 teams. About the size of a conference. Which teams would get 1-8 seeds and why. Who would win? Are thsese evenly ballanced?

2 Answers

  • 7 years ago
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    Team 2 is probably the best team. They have three Hall of Famers and 2 for sure Hall of Famers in Paul Pierce and Tim Duncan. They are not evenly balanced because some have lots of Hall of Famers and some have barely any.

    1. Team 2

    2. Team 6

    3. Team 3

    4. Team 11

    Here are my top four teams and they hard to rank, so basically these teams are all very close.

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  • 7 years ago

    First one

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