What kind of English accent does Tamsin Egerton have?

I know there are different kinds of English accents like Yorkshire and Cockney, but I am unsure about which one the English actress, Tamsin Egerton has.

Here is a short interview with her:


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  • 7 years ago
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    That's a very standard southern England accent. It's as close as you get in England to a 'correct' accent. You'll probably get some answers claiming that she has no accent at all (which will not be true because every person in the world who speaks English has an accent!). If I were Scottish, Welsh, or from the north or west of England I would define her as a 'southerner'.

    Put it this way: her pronunciation is very close to the phonetic guidance given in a British dictionary about the 'correct' way to say each word. Her accent is the UK equivalent of the Standard/General American accent of large parts of the Mid-West. It would be regarded by many Brits in the same way as someone from, say, Denver, might regard their own accent: the apparent ABSENCE of an accent (in that the Denver accent is just 'American' in its absence of Noo Yawk/southern drawl/West Coast/Valley etc accents.). It's simply not a distinct accent and does not particularly tie her to a region of the UK (other than the southern half of the country).

    She's from a pretty wealthy family and grew up in a wealthy part of England (Hampshire), and went to a private school. Her accent is not exactly 'posh' (as the Brits would describe, say, The Queen's accent) but it also lacks any strong regional identifier.

  • Martin
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    7 years ago

    It's as close to a BBC accent, but not quite.

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