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Can the Blue Screen Error be a result in why I kept refusing Windows Updates?

I was downloading a big file earlier today. I never opened it yet, but I closed my laptop and 4 hours later I open it to a blue screen. I thing I turned it off myself... Or it did on it's own. I turned it on and deleted that file+data and from the recycle bin... Was it that? Or the updates? What happens if I keep refusing updates? Should I install updates now? Sorry for all the questions. I'm worried about my computer.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Well i'm not sure about the blue sceen but yeah it was probably because u interrupted it.I'm guessing it was half way installed or something.Might be some other cause.

    But i can tell you this that i've never downloaded any windows updates since windows xp because they cause trouble,and i haven't had any problem so far in multiple machines.Always set windows updates off don't even download them but once you start installing them that might cause problems.

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