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Gran canaria, playa del ingles IFA continental?

Hey, going to gran canaria, play del ingles IFA continental on the 24th of August and was wandering if anyone has been there and if they could tell me about nightlife, prices and if they had any suggestions on where to go and what to do? Thank you

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    You missed your destination by an Atlantic Ocean.

    You posted this in Travel Mexico.

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    take a glance for the time of the ideas right here as there are costs quoted from $50, that's tremendously much less high priced for a room. aircon costs a fortune and would no longer be mandatory in would because of the fact the sea breeze is very moderating. despite the fact that if, lots of the lodges contain it. There additionally are residences. have a seem right here at what's on furnish:

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    6 years ago ROFL.

    You should post in Spain.

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