If I want to apply for Immigration Canada from inside Canada with a valid job offer do I have to get...?

I have Graduated from a university in Canada (done my masters). Now I want to apply for PR under Federal Skill Worker with a valid job offer. Do I have to still get labor Opinion Market? If yes How so? Is it the same process as getting a work permit through Labor Opinion Market?


Thanks for your response. However it says:

If recruiting a Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) already in Canada

With some exceptions (e.g., when the job offer is issued by a different employer than on the TFW’s existing work permit), most TFW’s who are already in Canada can submit their Federal Skilled Worker application (with a qualifying job offer) directly to CIC for consideration. In such cases, a separate application does not need to be made to HRSDC for an Arranged Employment Opinion.

In My case I am nt working at the moment so I don't know how does that work.

Update 2:

Thank you for your quick response. I can't apply under CEC as I don't have Canadian Work Experience.

And I don't have A P.HD so I guess FSW with a valid job offer and LMO is the only way. But Yu are right maybe I should get some professional help. But I thought maybe I can find some one who have done this path here and they can advise.

But thanks for your time.

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    If you have obtained a master degree in Canada (presumably at least two years), then you should likely be looking at the Canadian Experience Class as a route to permanent residency. Recent graduates may apply for a two year work permit under the Post Graduate Work Permit Program (PGWPP). If you can then find 12 months worth of work in your profession (type 0, A, or B in the NOC) you can then apply for permanent residency under the CEC. While you basically have one year to find a qualifying job, you can look for work in Canada, you don't need an LMO, and (if you find work) your permanent residency application isn't a competition and won't take years.

    However... if you don't or can't go this route...

    In order to apply under the FSW program you must have either:

    a) a job offer from a Canadian company (in a type 0, A, or B profession) with an LMO, or

    b) be in certain professions listed on the CIC web site (with limits on the numbers available), or

    c) have completed a PhD degree in Canada within the past 12 months.

    So... you can apply as a FSW without a job offer. However... only the first 1,000 PhD applicants are accepted each year and you immediately loose 10 points on your application if you don't have a prearranged job offer. Once the PhD stream is filled (1000 applicants) then you need a job offer with an LMO or a profession listed. You'd have to contact CIC whether they would accept a job offer without an LMO as counting towards your points if you are one of the 1,000 applications accepted. Remember that the FSW program is a competition. Only the top 10,000 applications per year are accepted and only 5,000 this year.

    I would personally talk with an immigration lawyer on this one. You should at least have one review your application.

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    Yes, you need an LMO. The government of Canada website tells you how to get an LMO.

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