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Are American Bully dogs banned in Miami Florida ?

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  • 7 years ago
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    American Bullies are just APBT/AmStaff crosses (of course, using stock that is very far out of breed standard).

    So, yes, I would assume the AmBully is banned because its part Pit Bull.

    And they should be banned everywhere. The AmBully is DESTROYING the APBT and AmStaff breeds. And destroying itself with how idiots breed it with little regard to the future of their mutt-breed. AmBully breeders aren't trying to make a new breed, or even a healthy breed. They are breeding for status. Big heads, wide shoulders, lots of muscle. Its a status dog for people who feel inferior in their masculinity. And in that process, they are breeding these deformed dogs. The "breed" will self destruct. Eventually all puppies will begin to have defects that shorten lives. But ignorant people will still breed those dogs because they will be huge and wide. But their joints will fail earlier and earlier in life, leading to dogs under 5 years old who CANT WALK.

    Many extreme AmBullies CANT EVEN BREED NATURALLY already.

    You know something is wrong with an animal when it can't even mate naturally. It needs help to get up on a female and can't even support itself on its weak back legs.

    AmBullies are an abomination of the Bully Breed type.

    • frank g2 years agoReport

      I agree 100000% I saw this dog in my street and I wanted it away from me I love amstaffs I had an ukc it was beautiful. The American bully is a ugly MUTT!!!! A perversion and a disgrace to breeds like the amstaff.

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  • whimsy
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    7 years ago

    Seems like it -- good idea to do a country-wide ban. I saw a young woman, probably about 110 lbs walking two large pitbulls; she was having to run to keep up with them because they were pulling so hard.

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