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Help saltwater fishing?

The past few days I've been fishing off of San Diego piers with a $30 pole which came with a line attached so I don't know what kind of line it is but it's fairly thin and a red circular hook. A guy at the pier tied a weight on below the hook to help me cast further and I've been using these sparkly red lures now everyone around me is catching rays and sand bass so they lent me some of their bait (shrimp) and I still got no bites now I'm gonna try going at night to catch some rays does anyone have some advice I've pretty much fished 8 hours without one bite I can't understand it! (I'm a pretty big noob so I don't know anything about fishing really)

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  • 7 years ago
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    To start, I'm not too sure a $30 rod will be your best bet for this kind of fishing. If the rod came with line then it is probably some cheap mono with only a 6-12lb test. For someone who is just starting to fish, it is always better to use a heavier line than needed, so that if you don't reel in a fish properly, the line will be forgiving rather than just snap. My guess is that this pole is also only about 5 or so feet. For fishing off a pier, it's usually better to use a larger pole (7-8ft) to help with long distance casting and a better fight over the fish.

    As far as you style of fishing, if you are casting the bait try to either slowly reel the bait in until its close enough to recast or let out a couple feet of line every couple of seconds(don't let your line go too far or it'll be a lot harder to reel the fish in). Doing this will help your bait cover a lot more area rather than sitting in the same spot. If you are fishing directly under the pier, then try to bounce your bait off the bottom.

    Try to not only talk to the locals who are fishing but watch what they are doing. Most of these guys usually have their own techniques for catching fish. Good luck

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