Invisibility Cloak real or Hoax?

So there has been this 'story' going around of an invisibility cloak being created by a small private canadian company. The invisibility cloak supposedly works just as well as the harry potter cloak. Im calling bull ****. Theres no way this can be true. Here is a CNN video and some article discussing it. Can someone please debunk this...

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@FKirchner, I read the wikipedia article on invisibility cloaks, and they lead me down the same path as what you mentioned, but the links I have listed have claimed far more extreme results. Im certain this is fake, but I need help from Yahoo community to confirm it.

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    The huffpo article is on laboratory physics. It's real, but isn't available for real-world use.

    The CNN article appears to me to be a reporter assuming that a claim by a company (hyperstealth) is real, but is putting images from what are described to be "mock ups". The company has released no evidence that such a product is functional, while it stretches plausibility.

    The two are not connected in any way that I can see. I would assume that the product does not exist unless more evidence for it is released.


    Some additional discussion.

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    Hyperstealth Cloak

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    The invisibility cloak is real, but not practical like in the movies. It isn't a piece of cloth, but a very complex lab setup. At the moment, it only works for small objects and only in specific directions, but the goal is to make it larger and practical. Still a great deal of work to be done.

    Also note, when you're inside the "cloak," you are effectively blind. You have to come outside the cloak to see.

    Source(s): Science News has several good articles on this.
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