Job Questions. Im 13. Please Help!?

Hello, My name is Chris. Im 13 and my dream is to have a nice house on the lake, and a nice speed boat. The town I would like to live in has about 4,000 people. (Minocqua,WI) and there seems to be no jobs that pay 150k+ Do the people that live like I want own a sucessfull restaurant? I would like to own a restaurant but have researched 65% of restaurants are unsucessfull. Please tell me what kind of jobs the people I would want to be like, what they do for a living, Thanks.


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    6 years ago
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    Many people who have nice houses/boats in a lake town don't live there full time, largely because smaller towns don't have the economic base to support that lifestyle (much less jobs that pay $150k, which aren't common anywhere, and especially rare in smaller towns.)

    What the costs of living in this specific community are, worth checking out - there are some lake towns that are insanely expensive, and others that are quite reasonable. All supply and demand.

    Restaurants can be a difficult business to enter - you can do very well, but you're right that many fail, mostly in the first year due to cash flow issues. It takes a lot of money to set up a restaurant, and unless the business gets customers quickly, the credit runs out.

  • 6 years ago

    Dude ok hell no way !! You have to be a doctor or manage a big company which is like 13 years of schooling and your in the wrong kind of place to be something like that you gotta move to like New York or LA or a big city

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    6 years ago

    become a doctor, lawyer, or work for a business already established and move up the latter. good luck and keep working towards your dreams!

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