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so yeah im huge huge anime fan. So i wonder if is it possible to write an anime. like people write scenarios for movies. And when its done is it possible to send it to some company that makes anime. then if they like what they have red could they make that anime? so one day anime i created literally ends up aired and be on some of famous anime sites? like animeget, anime44, gogoanime... and so on.

another question i have is:

Do u know some anime that its like death note, code geass, shiki, another, ... something that u could describe like "mind ****"? ive watched 41 anime in total by now. and anime like code geass or death note really cought my intention for anime. those two are my favourites. thank you :D

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    8 years ago
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    In japan,almost all of anime is created through these 3 way

    1. make anime based on best seller manga

    (ex.DBZ,Bleach,One Piece etc...)

    2.make anime based on light novel(ラノベ、lanobe) (ex.Toradora! ,Sword art online,Haruhi Suzumiya's series etc...)

    3.make all part of anime by anime creators(and creator's own production)

    (famous producer: Hayao Miyazaki,Yukio Tomino,Mamoru Oshii,Hideaki Anno etc..)

    To write anime, you must gain experience as animator(finally independent and establish your own studio) or make best seller of manga or light novel(of course written in japanese).I think if you can't speak japanese as native level, you can't to be light novelist or make name for manga artist.If you can't draw a picture well,you can't to be anime creator and mangaka.

    In the end, you should know how your environment is so worse than japanese creators.For example,your favorite title,Death Note's idea is based on Legendary mangaka ,Fujiko Fujio's(藤子不二雄) works(kaiketsu koike San,Ultra Super Delax man,dictator's switch and so on..)

    Atakk on Titan is based on Legendary mangaka,Daijiro Morohoshi's(諸星大二郎 )works(流砂,Ryusa means quick sand)

    Today's manga and anime is so much influenced by 1960's-1980's manga.But a lot of these legendary master pieces are not exproted from Japan.Did you know Osamu Tezuka(手塚治虫)?藤子不二雄(Fujiko F Fujio)?Shotaro Ishinomori(石ノ森章太郎)?Go Nagai(永井豪)?If you don't know them,your dream is like you want to be composer without knowing Beethoven ,Chopin.

    Source(s): I'm japanese .Sorry for my bad English.
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    It doesn't really work that way. Ideas are not the bottleneck; anime producers are already swimming in ideas, and there are gazillion people like you who want their own idea used.

    Anime producers operate in a highly competitive field and are constantly toeing the line between profit and bankruptcy. As a result, most anime that gets made is made on the basis of a clear financial plan, which usually means basing it on a commercially successful franchise (mangas, light novels, games, or whatever) or pulling in well-known names that have a reliable track record.

    If you just sent them stuff that had never been published before, they would have no idea whether it's any good, and that simply doesn't work for them as a business model. In order to get to the point where they'll take you seriously, you have to already establish commercial success with whatever it is you're making.

    Furthermore, due to legal issues, anime producers are usually not very receptive to material from outside Japan. So even if you publish a manga in english, and even if it becomes successful in the west (this has happened before), the chances of japanese anime producers wanting to take it up are pretty low.

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    I honestly don't know much about writing an anime, but I think that COULD work(like sending a book to a publisher, kind of) if it were good enough.

    As for anime suggestions, I think you would really like Steins;Gate. It might seem slow or nonsensical at first but it really picks up around episode 11 or so. It's great. I also have heard good things about Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) and Elfen Lied.

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    8 years ago

    might be hard, Japanese people are Very iffy about manga/anime ideas from foreigners

    Source(s): i just know
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    8 years ago

    ya its possible

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