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Thoughts on Sword Art Online Anime?

I am going to start watching an Anime after I've finished reading Rosario + Vampire and I was wondering what people's opinions are about Sword Art Online?

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    Honestly speaking -

    After watching the first two episodes, I wasn't even remotely interested. I stopped watching it. The art was decent, but not enough to call it spectacular.

    It wasn't until a few weeks after that I decided to pick it up again. Even then, it had taken about five or six people to convince me, but I still did it.

    To this day, I have still yet to figure out what I truly think of this Anime. The main plot was quite interesting, to say the least. Trapped inside an MMORPG with no log out button(until you clear all 100 floors of the game) - whereas, if you lose your life in game, you die in real life. - Yes, Sword Art Online really did have a lot of potential.

    Considering this was the main plot, you'd think the WHOLE Anime was going to focus on the main character getting out, wouldn't it? As in, he would clear all 100 floors(with casualties here and there of course) and by the end of the game, he would come out victorious?

    At least, that's what I thought. And, in all honesty, was actually looking forward to. It sounds really cliche', but it excited me to see how they would go about it and how original they could be.

    You would not believe how DISAPPOINTED I was at the end of that show. Seriously - the look I had on my face that time could've made a hobo cry. The show went in a completely different direction. And, if I might add, a really gay direction at that.

    At some point, I felt there was some 'incest'. If you do watch the show, what I'm talking about should become quite clear soon enough. Also, it somehow ended up a harem. Although, I will admit, that was somewhat funny.

    Really - overall, it was a decent show despite how much it disappointed me. Considering how much potential it had, to think it all went to waste just like that. It's a shame really.

    I wouldn't HIGHLY recommend it - but I would suggest watching it for yourself. Maybe you'll end up loving it more than some of us. Who knows?

    Oh well. Just another random opinion.

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    Sword Art Online isn't the best anime of 2012 as some people claim it is, but it's the most popular (there's lots of anime that came out in 2012 that was much better). It had a lot of potential but it's not the best anime of all time. The first half was very good, but the second half sucked. If you want to watch it then go ahead but be warned

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    My thoughts on Sword Art Online.

    Adding to my original post due to exceeding the character limit on Y!A

    Artwork and Music

    Animation for SAO is done A1 Pictures, the same company that animated Shinseki Yori and Magi. The backgrounds are well drawn and colored well to give a sense of beautiful and majestic landscape. Can't say the same about the animation. When fight scenes occur, the fights look more like flashing gifs of light and the facial expression are notably distorted. There will also be drawn-out still shots, where characters are frozen in a posture during a fight and sometimes, only the lights from their attacks will be moving. In other words, fights tend to turn into slideshows. Music is good, its Yuki Kaijura, the same composer for Madoka Magica, Tsubasa Chronicles, Pandora Hearts, and Fate Zero. Yet, her soundtrack seems lackluster compared to her other works. The only notable ost is it the main theme sounds which is reused in every other episode.

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    well Sword Art Online (SAO) it's quite diferente from rosario+vampire, but it's a beautiful anime.

    It as romance, adventure, comedy, a little bit of everything.

    when you watch the anime, you always want to know what's gonna happen next, because the anime itself is never boring.

    Almost all the episodes are awsome

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    Well, I'll start with the good. First several episodes were like a MASTERPIECE, beautiful soundtrack, great animation, outstanding fight scenes, interesting plot, and I was starting to like it. However, as the show progressed it starts to turn into a typical harem/romance, the characters go stale, the second arc is bleh, and the protagonists own cousin starts to fall in love with him, and it turns into a trainwreck, and I was starting to lose interest. But it still keeps it great OST and fluid animation. I personally found SAO to be okay, it's not a masterpiece, but it's not as bad as most critics say it is. I think you should give it a try :)

    P.S Mizore and Moka ftw

    Source(s): My own experience
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    The more episodes you watch the more it sucks. Overall, it's an awful anime.

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