How can you kill someone quickly and silently?

I'm a writer and I was wondering if there's any way to kill someone with no noise, preferably by stabbing. I once read in a book that the killer pretended to bump into the victim and pierce her heart with a needle and the victim didn't even notice. It doesn't seem too realistic to me, though. Can anybody tell me if it's a legit killing method? And if not, what alternatives are there for silent murder? I've been thinking about poisonous gas, but the killer and the victim will be staying in the same room.

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    7 years ago
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    how about something like this this:

    I watched her in her sleep, dreaming peacefully. My gut was filled with anger and hatred towards her. I pulled out the glass tube that chimed gently as the metal spike hit the walls of it. She stirred restlessly, he peaceful figure tensing as if she could sense I was there. I pulled the cork out silently, but quickly and pulled out the small spike that it contained. Such a small thing, nobody would have guessed it could do so much damage. I strode over to the bed and pulled back the covers carefully, leaving her shoulder bare. I pushed the spike into her flesh, she didn't move. I knew now, that she would be dead before she got to see the sunrise.

    (by the way the needle could be long enough to reach a vein, and spread through the victim's system. The poison in food works too.)

    I know this may not fit to your plot, but it's an idea. I don't know if such a spike exists, but you could just make it up!!!

    Best of luck to the story that your writing!!!! :)

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    No...that piercing heart with needle and victim not noticing when a needle's stuck into their skin doesn't seem realistic to me either ;-)

    I can think of two ways offhand:

    1. Come up behind, one hand over the mouth and nose and slide a knife into the throat up under the jaw (this is where the main artery is located). Or just slit the throat if you don't want to get too anatomical. This is a pretty messy way though, so if you'd rather the killer do it without getting blood all over the place, then read on to:

    2. One hand over the mouth and nose, and the other...well, this is a bit tricky to explain. Hold the hand out with the fingers together and the thumb sticking out, like a thumbs up with an open hand. Then put the hand on the Adam's apple, tilt it so it's pointing at about a 45 degree angle and push up under the jaw, as if the killer is trying to reach the victim's ears through their neck. This is the most effective way to strangle someone.

    I know you specified stabbing, so the first method is probably the most suitable. I just threw the second one in for what it was worth :-)

    Source(s): Assistant self-defense instructor (some years ago, but the methods are still the same!)
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    7 years ago

    The 'needle' sounds unlikely, it would have to be several inches long even to reach the heart through the ribcage and thick enough to inflict a significant wound. A sharpened knitting needle would probably do the trick.

    Silent murders:

    Ricin or some other poison slipped into their food or drink.

    A heroin overdose if you can inject the person while they're asleep or unconscious.

    Garotting, if you manage to sneak up on the person without being noticed.

    A bullet from a silenced pistol to the back of the head - not totally silent but not readily noticeable either.

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    Stabbing, with regards to silent killing, involves a stab, 45 degrees, into the base of the skull, while also moving the knife back and forth parallel to the entry. If he were to shoot someone however, there is a "T" you can draw on a face. The "T" ,includes both eybrows, down the center of the nose, through the top lip. Draw a box with the "T", and if you hit that little box, your target will most likely drop like the sack of meat he now is.

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  • 7 years ago

    Poisoning their food or drink is fast and effective.

    But if you don't have access to that, I would say get a rag with chloroform, hold them down until they're unconscious then do your business. The only problem with that is they struggle before they finally fall a sleep.

    A better way to knock them out is find out where the correct pressure points are and strike them quickly there. THEN you can stab/strangle/snap their neck without a resistance.

    (Gosh, I never realized how sick and twisted my mind was...) -_-"

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    If you prefer stabbing it can be a needle that is 3 inch long and thick as a pencil refills.

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    5 years ago

    Because everything in that book is set up for Katniss's inevitable success. The explanation is probably because Foxface didn't seem to be on the attack—she seemed more on the defense. That's probably why.

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    7 years ago

    you can slip a drug into their drink

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