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Do you know anyone who's gay but he/she doesn't know it?

I know a guy like that. He's a freaking fruitcake, but he doesn't know it.

His mannerisms are not girly and he's not effeminate. He's more like the character Col. Frank Fitts from the film American Beauty.

This is why I know he's a fruitcake:

1- He hates women. He's a huge misogynist. His sons have a distance relationship with him because he's very disrespectful to their wives and girlfriends.

2- He always hangs out with men, always as in 24/7.

3- He always takes his shirt off when he's near other men.

4- He's always buying guys a drinks and likes to get them very drunk.

5- He likes to hug men when he's drunk.

6- He gets very defensive every time a woman approaches him.

7- Today, he waved at a man just to tell him that he looks like a celebrity.

8- A lot of people (specially men) quickly try to find a place to hide when they see him coming.

9- Whenever he goes to a store, he argues with the store attendants for no real reason... drama.

10- He's a drunk.

So based on what I described, do you agree with me that he's a fruity-loop?

I'm ranting here because every time I see him, I just get a strong urge to give him one good solid slap across the face and yell at him "DUDE YOU'RE A F*$@*^ H!*#&!!!"


@Billy C: He's my next door neighbor... EVERYONE KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM!

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    just because he hates women doesn't mean he doens't want to have sex with them. Some guys are jerks to women and seem to hate them but still have sex with them. Normally there is something going on there, like their dad was abusive to their mom so they grew up thinking women are trash or something along those lines.

    I'm sure he doesn't hang out with men 24/7. He has to sleep and maybe go to school and/or work, right? And if he hates women, he wouldn't hang out with them, would he.

    Maybe he buys guys drinks because he likes drinking and he is the type that wants to get drunk all of the time. Does he try to make out with these guys after they are drunk or when he is drunk? No? Then it doesn't mean anything.

    Some people are very touchy when they are drunk. I know lots of drunk huggy types. Means nothing.

    He gets defensive because he doesn't respect women. Or maybe he doesn't know how to talk to them.

    waving at someone and comparing them to a celebrity means nothing unless he was like, "that guy looks like channing tatum! He is sooo hawt, omg"

    maybe people hide from him because they don't like him

    drama does not equal gay. It doesn't. No, no shut up, it doesn't.

    What does being a drunk have to do with it? Are you trying to say all gay people are drunk?

    And why would you slap the guy and call him names? You sound like an ignorant homophobe. Do us all a favor and go to the store and buy yourself a nice helmet, because someone as dim as you probably hurts themselves on a daily basis.

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    No, there are a lot of guys like that They even dance with other guys but that doesn't make them gay only Muslim.

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    I dont think he is gay but who knows. He sounds amusing to watch lol

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    Honestly it sounds like you have a crush on this guy but you won't admit it. You know way too much about him.

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    He sounds like fun.

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    Wow..your friend is...unique. LOL

    Chill and smile haha.

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    who cares, leave him alone! why is it everyone's goal to out someone?!?

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    Oh my god, tell him I think he's hilarious.

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