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I would not be vertical today?

聽到演講者說 " I would not be vertical today."

查了字典關於 vertical 的用法好像無法解釋此句.


" I would not be here today."

或 " I would not be standing here today."

請問英文高手, 可以這樣解釋嗎?

還有這句的 vertical 的中文呢?




"Ruby Wax: What's so funny about mental illness?"


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    She said, "... without those two simple chemicals, I would not be vertical today ..."

    "be vertical", here, she referred to "stand up right". She was mentally ill and needed some medication (she mentioned in her speech, but I am not familiar with those two medicines, so I cannot give you what she said about her medicines). Hence, what she meant was, without the medication, she would not stand up right (would not be vertical) in front of the audience. This is a kind of American humor.

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    If you really want it to be translated, you can translate as "直直地站著".

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    I think, her illness might disable her from standing up to do normal chore. This was why she used "vertical" instead of "standing". However, as far as meaning is concerned, it means the same. Therefore your guts feeling with "vertical" is correct!

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    Using "vertical" can make people know how severe her illness was.

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    Master LionEnglish, yes, your original guts feeling is correct, I think you didn't have chance to listen to it when you made the comment, because poster didn't provide the link.

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    This is similar to Chinese said, 躺著進來, 直地出去.

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    No such thing as "guts feeling".

    noun modifiers are strictly singular.

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    我沒聽過,有點好奇。 他是在講什麼內容? 生病復原? 有沒有前後文?

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    DSG +1

    我猜想也是在講生病復原。 只有原來站不起來,或平躺在床許久,才會用 vertical 來表示 「直立」。

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