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Recovering Simpsons Tapped Out?

I had Tapped out for android, and have switched to iPhone. I have the MEID number to my android phone, I was wondering if there was a way to recover the android game onto my iPhone so that I don't have to start over.


I should have added the detail that I no longer have the android device. I was told there was a way to recover the info with just the MEID number (which I have.) The Android device I had was dropped into a puddle.

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    If you created an account it'll be a lot easier. If you don't then follow the steps below.

    If you have the Android device, create an origin account. Although it's tough creating one. It's easier to create an EA account. Because they're synchronized together. So just create an EA account

    So after you do that you login on the Android game. There will be a login option to the bottom left corner when you enter the game (before tapping to continue). Login in with your information. Then it'll say something like "There was a level 2 game found on this device. Is it yours?" Click yes so your game will be saved with your account.

    Then when you open the game on your iPhone, go through the same login process as before :)

    Source(s): I have two saved accounts... I WANTED to start over.
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    You'll probably have to buy the app again from the Apple Store, but don't worry it's free.

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