Irritated by friend, what should I do?

I am so irritated with my friend, when I first met him he was so fun. But now, we do everything he wants to do or he'll get annoyed and be negative towards me. I am always arguing him and tonight we have to do something he wants to do again, which I don't want to do! And if I don't go out my mum turns towards me and says it's me who is in the wrong.. what do I do? i'm so irritated, he doesn't even notice what he is doing. If we do one thing I want to do he says stuff like: "We never do anything I want to do" "This is boring" but we do everything he wants to do.. it's as if I've not been out the whole time i've been with him?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hes being a major jerk. The next time you do something you want and he starts complaining, make sure he knows he isnt right. Point out examples of when ever you do something that he wants and how many other times that sort of thing has happened. Make sure you talk to him about it. If he is still being a jerk then just stop talking to him for awhile. It doesnt have to be for forever but make sure he gets that you have a mind too and don't want to be pushed around by a bossy friend like him.

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