I got "attentive antivirus" virus in my desk top computer.?

try to search online for cure but there are so many site. some actually tell people to enter network key and load the program? some says to download more program to clear this. I am scare to download anything at this point. I also don't want to enter the network key to load the virus.

my boyfriend just back date the computer, it seem to be working fine. it's not blocking me going on the internet but I am shock to find the there is now a file under attentive antivirus. If anyone know if I should follow more step to remove it please let me know. or should I just leave it as is seems now it's working fine.

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    7 years ago
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    The link below will show you how to remove it from your puter. You are going to have to boot into safe mode to do this. You will also have to download Malwarebytes.



    If all else fails you will need to try to recover your data and files. If you can not boot into Windows to make a backup of your files then you can go to the link below and read on how to download a Linux Live CD to boot the system to recover what you want. If you have a Windows 8 puter then you need to turn of secure boot before using the CD. The live CD will also allow you to check out the rest of the puter. It helps to have a thumb drive or a external drive to copy your data and files to.


    After you get your data backed up you can restore it back to factory settings.

    Using the Advance Boot Options

    When you press the power button, start tapping the F8 key. You will see the advance boot menu. Select repair your computer. Select your language and then enter your user name and password. Then click on (brand name) factory Image Restore and next. Answer the question and it should start the recovery back to factory settings.

    Using Recovery from the recovery partition

    When you press the power button start tapping the F key for your puter and the BIOS menu will open. Select recovery from the menu, answer the question and the recovery should begin. Depending on your puter this will take one to two hours.

    Manufacturers BIOS menu F key

    HP/Compaq ESC

    Sony F2

    ASUS Del

    Gateway, eMachines F10

    Acer, Dell, Fijitsu, Gigabyte, Toshiba F12

    Your BIOS menu should look something like this. Yours might be different. I am posting this to give you an idea of what it looks like.

    F1 = System Info

    F2 = System Diagnostic

    F9 = Boot Device options

    F10 = BIOS Setup

    F11 = System recovery

    Source(s): TWB 35+ years of experience in the service industry. You name it, I have probably fixed it. I did not design it, I did not build it, I did not break it, but I am the one who can fix it. What that means is that I have spent a life time taking these things apart and seeing how they are made. The difficult we do right away, the impossible just takes a little longer. I hear voices, so please be quite so I can listen to them.
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    Attentive Antivirus is actually not a virus, it is a Rogue. It is a computer infection from the Rogue.WinWebSec family of Rogue anti-spyware programs. What you need to do is get Malwarebytes for free an run a scan. Try the quick scan first and then if there's nothing there, run a full scan. You also need to get some antivirus. AVG is a great free antivirus. Hope this helped.

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    you have follow the following steps:

    step1 : reboot the system to safe mode with networking.(press F8 while booting to enter into safe mode)

    Step 2: after loging into your user acount goto C:Documents and settings\(user name)\App data \ - check the presence of any suspicious file with the extension .exe if found delete it. (the app data is generally hidden)

    step 3: start--> Run--->REGEDIT.

    Step 4: HKEY _CURRENT _ USER--> Software--> Microsoft--> Windows-->Current version-->

    Run--> inspect all the ReG_SZ file of which one thing belongs to attentive antivirus. follow the path given in the data column to identify the folder containing the attentive anti virus program (generally identify with the logo ) delete the folder and the Reg_sz file.

    Step 5 Restart the system.

    Foot Note: if you are unable to delete some file in the folder go to task manager (ctrl+alt+del) go to processes select the file name and give end process. and then try deleting the file make sure that both the Reg_SZ and the folder gets deleted.

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    In reality it’s not an antivirus. The cyber criminals created it just to earn money from the internet users who would fall for the trickery shown by this fake security scanner.You need to follow the following steps for manual removal of it from your system.

    1. Stop Attentive Antivirus Spyware active processes .

    2. Now you need to find and remove these Attentive Antivirus Virus files from your computer :






    3. Next step is to edit the registry and remove Attentive Antivirus entries.

    To run registry editor, click on “Start—>Run” type, “regedit” and click OK button.

    HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Attentive Antivirus\UninstallString “%AppData%\[Random]\[Random].exe” -u

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “AA2014″ = “%CommonAppData%\WaDprnV7\WaDprnV7.exe”

    4 After following above steps, please restart your computer and see If you face any further problems

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Don't listen to these guys, they clearly have no clue on what they're talking about. I am a developer at Microsoft so I know a thing or two about computers. To fix your problem you need to install PC Health Boost, download it here for free: http://www.healthboostpc.com/

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