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How long till i potentially see results from the gym, im 6 ft 3 260 lbs?

I have been going for about 2 or three weeks i dont expect to see any anytime soon. But i go early in the am and do 30 mins of cardio, the hits the 2 nitro rooms for about 45 mins.... Within maybe the next 8 months? Im trying to look good for when i next see my girlfriend in 8-10 months, ive completely changed my diet and i only drink water and try to only eat salads which ive fone for a month now, so my body is kind if used to it, i am also only 17.... Any advice could help, but again how long?

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    hey i was in the same situation as You im 6 3 17 years old and at the beginning of summer i was 249 pounds and now im 213....

    what i did was cut out all the unhealthy things and ONLY drink water.... also lift weights ... lifting is a great exercise

    also before you do cardio lift for a while you will burn more calories. Also dont only eat salads haha, dont kill your self eat lean meat like chicken eat oatmeal for break feast. ( it will keep you full )

    also ive been taking a multivitamin from GNC called energy - motablisum which honestly has helped tremendously it has green tea extract in it also which is proven to help Weight loss.

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