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Ideas for coastal towns with a good nightlife near to Nice, France?

I am looking for ideas for towns to stay in within a short travel (i.e. public transport) distance from Nice airport? I am looking for a town on the coast with a good nightlife that may be cheaper than actually staying in Nice itself which appears to be a bit expensive!!! Any ideas welcome!

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    Your asking for towns near Nice with good nightlife and cheaper than Nice :

    The 2 best places for nightlife at the French Riviera are Juan les Pins, which is a neighbourhood of Antibes city, near Nice but not cheap though there's a hostel, see the link below, the other best place for nightlife is Saint Tropez, which is expensive and even though Sainte Maxime is near and a bit less expensive, it's nowhere cheap and just to take the boat that goes to St Tropez, it's pricey if you're in a budget, there's also a bus but it takes lots of time and traffic jams are huge during summer school holidays, exactly between Ste Maxime and St Tropez because there are no train stations at these cities.



    Towns in the suburbs or very close to Nice or to Antibes with easy access by public transport :




    And no, Bormes les Mimosas is not cheap and not near Nice.

    Villefranche sur Mer and Beaulieu sur Mer are lovely towns near Nice but very quiet at night. You could stay in Villefranche and go out in Nice.



    Source(s): I visit Ste Maxime many times per year and the region quite often.
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  • Anonymous
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    Staying in Nice might be expensive but apart from our town centre, public transport is very poor. Getting back to your hotel outside Nice late at night can be complicated if not impossible. The next town with a great nightlife is Cannes, but not really on the cheap side either, i'm sorry! BTW, Nice Airport is nowhere near any places to go out at night and buses don't run there after 10...

    you might want to avoid the tourist trap hotels in town and try somewhere near "Nice nord'' (the tram goes there, and it's also within walking distance from clubs/pubs/bars)

    There are a couple of hostels that might be cheaper, or you could rent a studio flat with several mates for a week and share the rent... (try " le bon coin" website for rentals)

    I hope you have fun and eat some Socca while you're here ;-)

    Source(s): born and raised in Nice (and public transport user!)
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  • Sophie
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    Have you looked at accommodation in towns like Menton, Villefranche-sur- Mer, Beaulieu-sur-mer, Bornes-les-mimosas, Sainte Maxime? They are not very far from Nice and there is reasonably good transport along the coast between resorts.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    depending on the location sundays there are in some regions no busses

    in villages there are no busses after 18 00 depends on the location

    in nice the last stops their dutie befor 20 00

    trains runs till 0 00 but after 20 00 on an irregular base not always on the same time

    busses to the airport do drive check the time tabel

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  • 4 years ago

    I concur that Concarneau is a applicable city some great small seashores close by and the little "citadel city on an Island" is astonishing. the each physique is very heat and friendly. In August they have the Fete de fillet bleu (excuse my spelling) and the finished city has a great pageant with ingesting, ingesting, classic costumes, and a great point for close by musician stay shows on the city sq.. Went there in 2006 and that i could bypass back day after today. genuinely i could pass there day after today. If I had the money!!

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