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What do you make of Randy Orton being Low Blowed by a fan at South Africa?

I tell you what..that was freaking real low blow...(Ouch!).. In a live event at South Africa a fan(later revealed as a SA wrestler) ran in to the ring while Orton was celebrating on ring apron and attacked him... Orton had just defeated Big E Langston.

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Randy was clearly hurt... He fell down from the ring apron helplessly.. He was surprised and also was surely hurt somewhat... But he recovered quickly(might still be in pain) and tried to attack the fan back as the security guards were taking him out.

Mind you that Big E Langston wanted a piece of the attacker too! What if he took care of business! The big ending?

What do you make of this attack? Do you find it hilarious or some thing dirty? Orton used to be a heel with dirty tactics and he tasted his own medicine?


This is not fake or scripted. The fan who attacked Randy is now in the jail with criminal charges!

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    The fan was an idiot for sure. Did he for once think about what will happen to him if by chance he gets an RKO?

    Orton is one of my favorite wrestlers, so obviously I'd say it was a cheap trick. But again Orton has had a past with such stuff, where his opponents were at the receiving end, that was a period where I started to hate my favorite.

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  • 7 years ago


    I have been a fan of WWE as long as i can remember but, I watched the video and it looked like the fan just waited until a security guard wasn't looking and jumped the barricade and did what he did. randy did look hurt but also extremely pissed. He flipped him off a few times. have you ever seen randy orton flip anyone off?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Wrestiling is fake. There actors if u wamt to see real fighting with real men watch boxing

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  • 7 years ago

    guesses "John" doesn't watch movies since they're "fake".

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