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"隻case 宜家進度係點" 英文係咩呀?

"隻case 宜家進度係點" 英文係咩呀?

可唔可以問"how's the case?"

其實how is 點解?


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    當然可以,how's the case 的意思是「單 case 點呀?」,簡單而清楚。


    How's the case going?

    What's the progress of the case?

    至於 how is 點解,首先,你要知道 how 的意思是「怎樣」,而我們要在一句句子中用 how 表達「一件事物怎樣?」的時候,是不能直接「how something?」,而是需要根據情況在 how 後面和 something 前面,加 is / are / was / were 等的字。(這是文法規則)

    比方說你這句 how is the case。由於是用 present tense(因為你是在詢問「現在的進度」),而且 the case 這個名詞本身是單數,因此在 how 後面和 case 前面加 is,變成 how is the case.

    故此 how is 其實只是一句用 how 的句子的一部分,如果沒有一句完整的句子,它是沒有什麼意義的。


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    how's = 如何

    a case now is how = 隻case 宜家進度係點

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    For situation:-that relates to a particular person or thing;

    How is the case getting on?

    For arguments:-a set of arguments that support one side in a trial etc. the case for the defence Or prosection:-

    How is the case conducting ?

    For (Grammar) relationship to the nominative/ accusative/ genitive case:-

    How is the above cases relating to ?

    Thanks !

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