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Which countries still have royal families?

If you could list the countries and the current reigning monarch, that would be fabulous. Thanks in advance.

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    Japan(Imperial Famiy)- Emperor Akihito

    Jordan- King Abdullah II

    Swaziland- King Mswathi III

    UK and commonwealth realms - Queen Elizabeth II

    Bhutan- King Jigme Keser Namgyal Wangchuk

    Cambodia- King Norodom Sihamoni

    Spain- King Juan Carlos

    Thailand- King Bhumibol Adulyadej

    Tonga- King Tupou V

    Lesotho- King Letsie III

    Saudi Arabia- King Abdullah


    Sweden- King Carl(Charles) XVI Gustav

    Norway- King Harald V

    Denmark- Queen Margaret II

    Netherlands- King Willem Alexander

    Belgium- King Phillipe

    Only Listed Reigning Monarchs as head of the state and ranked king or above

    there are more sub national monarchies and nations with Princes, Sultans, Grand Dukes, Emirs as head of the state. Emperor Akhihito has no constitutional power.

    Monarchs of UK, Spain, Thailand, Cambodia, Bhutan and some other countries has limited power, they have a parliment. But some constitutional powers remain with monarch(like head of the armed forces, appoint a prime minister, dissolution of parliament, etc)

    Saudi Arabia has full power(no political party) and I haven't seen even a photograph of Saudi princess or queen consort.

    Saudi Arabia monarch has full power and political parties are banded

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    there are quite a few of the monarchies in the world today missing from the list the other answerer gave you ,such as Quatar ,Oman (absolute ) Morocco (constitutional )

    it will take too long to list them all ,you can get the countries and reigning monarch from the link I`m giving you

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    So many countries have Monarchs as Titular Head.But Saudi Arabia still have strong Monarchy.

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    Wikipedia it !

    Saudi Arabia has one that is the actual govt

    The UK .

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