Do monrow piercings hurt?

Do monroe piercings hurt?

Do belly button piercings hurt?

Do cartilage piercings hurt?

Does a Monroe piercing leave a hole if you take it out?

Does belky button?

Any advice on care of nose piercings (just got one)

Any advice on dying my hair pastel pink?

Any advice at all?

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    7 years ago
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    1.) I have a Madonna piercing (same thing as a Monroe piercing, just on the other side of your mouth) and it didn't hurt me at all. It all depends on your pain tolerance.

    2.) I've had my bellybutton pierced twice and it hurt extremely bad the second time due to the scar tissue that was left over from the first time.

    3.) Cartilage piercings (to me) feel like every other ear piercing.

    4.) Yes, but it closes up pretty quickly.

    5.) Are you asking if your bellybutton piercing leaves a hole after you take it out? If so, yes, but that also closes up quickly.

    6.) Clean it regularly so it doesn't get infected like mine did the first time.

    7.) Make sure you do it right so you don't end up with a different color than what you wanted.

    8.) Nope, that's pretty much all I have to say. :)

  • 7 years ago

    Everyone has a different pain tolerance, but in general piercings aren't very painful. Some people compare it to getting a shot at the doctor’s office, while others say it’s more of a pinch followed by pressure. Please don’t let the fear of pain stop you from getting a piercing!

    Most people who scar after taking a piercing out say it looks like a blackhead.

    Nose piercings should be kept clean. Number one reason for infections are your hands and playing with piercings. Use an unscented antibacterial hand soap or one like Provon to keep it clean (twice a day!) and do sea salt soaks. 1/4 teaspoon of uniodized seasalt to a cup of warm water.

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