Name ideas for a story?Help?

I'm writing a story and I need full names for all :D

Character 1: A tall handsome 17 year old that's a little mysterious and quiet he has green eyes and dark hair

Character 2. his girlfriend, a 16 year old girl that grew up kinda poor, she has green eyes, brown hair and average height.

Character 3. Her strict dad that doesn't like Charc. 1. Bald but good looking.(lol) Blue eyes and tall

Character 3, her mom. Died when she was 12. Green eyes blonde hair and short

Character 4: her twin brother who is in with the "wrong" crowd. Blue eyes black hair average height

Character 5: the boyfriends mom; loves his girlfriend. Blue eyes & brown hair


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  • 7 years ago
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    Character 1:

    Tucker Ray Pierce

    Hunter James Kiel

    Ryder James Pierce

    Trenton Alexander Hayes

    Zander Merrick Hayes

    Tanner Levi Matthews

    Alec Daniel Moore

    Carson Drake Alburn

    Drake Asher Collins

    Character 2:

    Sadie Elizabeth Roberts

    Madeline Grace Lambert

    Coleen Rebekah Presell

    Violet Rose Dillard

    Claire Michelle Kiel

    Lillian Paige Frederick

    Mia Grace Frederick

    Cassie LeAnne Barber

    Character 3: (Just did first and middle)

    Bob Randall

    Daniel Maxwell

    Trevor Jan

    Randy James

    Lou Maddox

    Eric Lane

    Billy Jo

    William Andrew

    Gary Allan

    Kenneth James

    Leonard James

    Joseph Bryant

    John Edward

    Character 4:

    Trace Andrew

    Daryl Rae

    Bradley Alexander

    Alex Pierce

    Nicholas James

    Nolan Carter

    Christopher Romeo

    Lyle James

    Mason Tanner

    Tanner Luke

    Character 5:

    Jennifer Lynn

    Lori Ann

    Rhonda Paige

    Lisa Sue

    Amy Leigh

    Joyce Anne

    Georgia Anne

    Tarin Cassidie

    Tiffany Lynn

    Elizabeth Eugenia

    Andrea Grace

    Linda Marie

  • 7 years ago

    1. Kellen (its a unique boys name. May seem weird at first but the readers will come to love it)

    2. Hannah

    3. Marcus

    3. marissa (you put 3 twice lol)

    4. Isaac

    5. Tracy

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