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Makeup always looks.bad?!?

No matter what I do my makeup always looks bad! I have some ache nothing major my "T zone" is a little oily but sides of face are dry! I usually put on a light moisturizer then my foundation. Ive tried using moistirizer, primer then foundation and ive even tried putting a powder over the top to set it. But my face never looks smooth. I don't know what to do! It does it does it with every foundation I use! Help?

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    Maybe you're using the wrong color for your skin tone?

    You could be putting on too much, try dotting concealer on your acne and under your eyes and using your ring finger to lightly blend. Then apply small drops of foundation to your T-zone and blend outwards.

    Make sure when you do your makeup you do so in natural lighting. Your makeup takes 1-2 hours to "set", so after you've done all this, allow some time for your makeup to settle.

    Powder can be great if you use it correctly. Using a fluffy powder brush, dip it into your powder and tap off the excess into the powder container. Lightly "puff" your face with the powder instead of doing circular or swirling motions, it'll give you way better coverage and wont move your foundation.

    If none of these work, try focusing on taking care of your skin instead of covering it. Moisturize your face every morning and night instead of using a harsh face wash from the drugstore. Use a mixture of cinnamon and honey as an exfoliant; it'll clear out your pores.

    At the end of the day, you could just be a natural beauty. Try accepting yourself without makeup.

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    First, try a CC cream that you apply with a soft, shorter bristled brush.

    Next, put on a thin layer of L'oreal's true match foundation, or just where your acne is worst.

    Finally, powder is very important! Find a LOOSE powder(it is WAY better for your face than packed powder, and it makes a smoother effect).

    *Make sure that you cover your jawbone with your CC cream too so that you dont get an awkward line. Make sure that your foundation, concealer is never darker than your skin tone.

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    i use dinair airbrush makeup and it covers up everything making my skin look flalwess and its super lightweight so it never gets cakey...its also all water based so it is not bad for my skin because it doesnt clog my pores...they have a product called shine free and it absorbs all my oil all day long...its amaizng...i hope i helped in some way =)

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    i use covergirl. i'm a dancer so i need my makeup to look good. so i recommend using bb cream, (MAKE SURE IT MATCHES YOUR SKIN COLOR) if you can, test it on your skin. so, i put the bb cream on first. then, i put on covergirl powder foundation. it's really nice!!

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    Wash your face with a cleanser beforehand

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