My wrist hurts like hell? go to the er or doctor?

I hurt my wrist last February. I went to the orthopedic and got a brace due to at I had something in my wrist. Idk what it was. Anyway the pain is back and its much worse. During the day is hurts like a 5 but at night it hurts like a 8. My elbow and thumb keep getting the pins and needle feeling or sometimes numb. I tryed ice and it doesn't help and now I have swelling in my wrist. My parents tryed wrapping my wrist with a elastic bandage and it helps only for 2 hours and then the pain gets worse. What should i do? I have to play tennis tomorrow. I have to volunteer at the hospital on wednesday. What should i do? My parents dont think its a big deal and it will go away but i had this pain for 14 days now. They dont want me to go to the er because they always think they will inject a needle but thats not true. What should i do? Should i just deal with it?


or should i go to urgent care?

Update 2:

Summer in the Suburbs~ yes i got a xray.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You saw an ortho, did they take x-rays? I'm thinking carpal tunnel. I have it and it hurts like all heck. My husband has had 2 surgeries for it.

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