career possibilities! need help!?

im thinking about going to college and getting a degree in criminal justice and after that, go into the marines and become a scout sniper. after a few years ill join the local police, and after a few years go to SWAT and heres what i cant decide, i would like to become an FBI agent possibly the Hostage Rescue team or i would like to be a deputy sheriff. in college if i minor in computer science with a CJ major, i think i could be an FBI agent. would i have a shot at FBI HRT? or is sheriff deputy just overall a better position? thanks!

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  • 6 years ago
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    It would just be easier to become a local deputy sheriff because the in the FBI it will take up to a decade to go into a specialized unit.

  • 6 years ago

    Although I don't agree with your dream career choices because I think that you believe your agent Jack Bower, but you can't go wrong with a minor in computer science. We live in a digital age, and I believe that going that route would be smart, for that field has endless possibilities.

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