Need some ideas! Creative?

I have to make a wanted poster for things i look for in a friend does anyone have some creative Ideas something unique !!

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  • una
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    8 years ago
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    You could make a poster like for a lost dog or cat except listing the attributes you want

    you could do an old time wanted poster like they have in westerns

    you could go tech with it and set it up like a listing on ebay or craigslist

    you could write it like a classified ad

    you could write a poem listing the attributes you want, and then illustrate it

    you could use the drawing of a human figure and point to certain areas listing what you would like (i.e. an arrow points to the hand and it lists "helping hands")

    hope this helps!

  • 8 years ago

    I am not clear as to whether you are asking for ideas for what you are looking for in a friend or an idea for a format for a "wanted poster". Surely you know what you want in a friend, but being too "creative" in making it a "wanted poster" will keep it from being easily recognized as a Wanted Poster. What first comes to mind is the Uncle Sam poster than "wants you" but it doesn't leave much room for saying what is wanted. The FBI-type wanted posters would give you the opportunity to put desired attributes for friends in the portion where a real poster tells height, weight, eye-color, past crimes, accused crimes, etc. My "source" is just a good example.

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