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Time Warner dropped CBS/Showtime?

Salido said this may happen in one of his questions...

What the f*ck? I have Time Warner, I can't watch that psycho Dexter or his hot sister anymore, or watch any boxing at all now. Last Friday it just went all "NO DATA AVAILABLE" on me.

Anyone else feel my pain?

I'm sure they'll fix it, especially when football season comes around. Boxing is huge to ME, but NO Americans will settle for having no NFL games on CBS (even if I usually get the Bills and Jets games, which are usually hilarious b/c they suck).

I'd like to know who is really to blame here. Is it TW or CBS that are being stubborn and not coming to a deal?

Either way it's like I said. CBS has gotta have a leg up in this situation, so Time Warner better get their sh*t together.

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    1. I'm sure they'll fix it: I agree, but the impact isn't what you would think. Time Warner only has 12-14 million residential customers (can't remember exact fig. & don't want to look-up).

    2. Who's to blame: Both! Cable has been one of the biggest fixes in business all the way from communities granting the local franchises to subscribers getting forced to purchase products most don't desire. The game is simple:

    Cable company-Pays CBS Inc. (CBS, CW, SHO, Corporate owned local affiliates) and CBS local affiliates a retransmission fee.

    Cable company- Sells retransmission in a bundle, along with other content providers, to customers

    CBS is demanding higher retransmission fees for itself and the collection of local affiliates (ones not owned by CBS Inc.) that have granted them the authority to negotiate for them as 1 group.

    Negotiations have broken down on the basis of CBS negotiating for local affiliates AND establishing a new rate threshold. From Time Warner's perspective it would drive up fees for the other networks and potentially set a scenario where all local affiliate retransmission deals are negotiated by their parent networks. That would completely change negotiating power across the spectrum and cause major bottom line and market capital issues.

    How is Time Warner at fault? They run the same game by forcing all the channels they own on subscribers and mandate to other cable/satellite providers that they carry all channels as well. Basically here's the pitch, you want HBO? Yes, then you have to make available every other channel we offer at tiers we deem acceptable.

    3. Solution- The only way to end this madness is to bombard congress and the White House to force a change to a la carte programing and greater oversight of the industry by the FCC.

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    CBS is once again demanding high retransmission fees for its channels. The same channels that broadcast free over the air on the public airwaves.

    CBS was going to let this drag out until next month, so they would have more leverage with the start of the NFL season. I am the last person to defend Time Warner, but CBS's actions through all of this has been reprehensible.

    Agree, TW has to get their sh!t together cause they are loosing a ton of subscribers.

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    Time Warner is known for this sort of thing and I wouldn't be surprised if they want more of the Mayweather deal, most likely they have seen the possibility for the mega ppv sales of Alverez vs Mayweather and want to a bigger cut. I would not doubt that fight is a direct issue surrounding this whole thing.


    2nd largest U.S. cable provider drops Showtime

    CBS and Showtime were dropped on Friday by Time Warner Cable, the nation’s second largest cable TV provider serving significant portions of New York City, Los Angeles and Dallas, due a dispute over license fees. In response, has blocked the online streaming of shows to Time Warner Cable broadband customers.

    In a statement, Showtime stated “We gave Time Warner Cable the opportunity to keep SHOWTIME on the air even if an agreement could not be achieved. Time Warner Cable declined this offer. We take pride in the fact that our networks have never gone dark until now and that our subscribers have never been deprived of their programming. Time Warner Cable, on the other hand, has taken nearly 50 channels off the air in the last five years in disputes like the one we are having right now.”

    Time Warner Cable’s statement reads: “TWC regrets being forced into this position by CBS, but is prepared to stand by their customers and do what it takes to fight programmer demands for outrageous increases.”

    According to reports, further negotiations are expected to last anywhere from ten days to six weeks. The next boxing telecast on Showtime is Deontay Wilder vs. Sergei Liakhovich on August 9, followed by Abner Mares vs. Jhonny Gonzalez on August 24 and Seth Mitchell vs. Chris Arreola on September 6. It’s even possible that the September 14 Floyd Mayweather-Canelo Alvarez show could be affected if this dispute isn’t resolved. Stay tuned.

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    I dropped Time Warner, for their sorry service years ago. I use Direct t.v. and now can see something when it rains.

    Get smart and cancel those jerks.

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  • Shadam
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    damn and i though comcast was bad, i do feel your pain ive missed every ufc on fuel because comcast refuses to sell me fuel even tho i get it on demand like wft. we need our own fight channel like espn thaty covers all boxing mma and kickboxing , theres too many channels too and many promotions........bastards

  • Sean G
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    7 years ago

    I have Verizon question is, how will this affect the Mayweather PPV?

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