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Why do men hate cats?

Almost every male i know hate cats, but love dogs. Many female like cats better, or was it a coincidence? Im a guy, and i like cats way better, because i find cats so mysterious and awesome.

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    Hi! There is no right or wrong answer, just an opinion. Men tend to like dogs better because they are simple and easy to understand. Also dogs are eager to please, interact more and guys' can walk, hunt or take a run with them. Men that hate cats, tend to also have crappy relationship with women and will never understand them ever. Cats are mysterious and it is often hard to figure out what they are thinking. A dog is pretty easy to get because they are obvious for the most part. So I think guys that do NOT get women, will also not like cats. Some guys say cats are sneaky and fickle like women where a dog is loyal and follows commands. I think that pretty much sums up why some guys do not like cats. I also think men do not like cats because they call the shots in the sex department. A female cat will PICK her mate, roll around to seduce him, mate and then tear his face off or bit his ears when she is done with him. Men do NOT get that the cat penis has barbs on it and actually simulates the female to ovulate, but it can also hurt her as well, hence the biting attack behavior afterwards. Also females mate with more than one male, hence multi-color kittens. I think that is what most guys really hate. IMHO. LOL

    Source(s): 30 years Vet experience and 3 very smart cats that trained a human.
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    Real Men Like Cats

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    No amount of love or affection removes the physical reality of when a cat places its butt - EVERYWHERE.

    Men will conveniently "forget" that a dog eats cat poop or drinks from a toilet and also licks it s butt and then goes and licks a human s face as an "awe" moment. Yet because a cat can jump up on our table, we men are grossed out. The cat does everything a dog does - save for drinking from a toilet - and yet men will easily anger toward a cat s ability to do anything it wants despite our commands. A dog just easily convinces men it is obeying their commands - when in reality - it s usually just a show.

    So, we men who dislike - not actually hate - cats do so because the cat refuses to make the effort of pretending to obey, where the dog has picked up on the human cues to do so.

    Cat tolerator

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    I have found that men that do not like cats - or state that they don't - have just not met the right cat. More often then not a cat will go out of their way to get the attention anyway they can and if successful make a cat non-lover into the best cat lover. Statistics probably indicate that men don't like cats but I have the feeling that a lot of men will never openly admit how much they like them.

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    May just be people around you because I know alot of men that like cats. I know some guys that pretend they don't like cats for some reason. I am a female and I definitely prefer dogs.

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    About this control jive; a man (or a woman with common sense) does want to control a cat. Because having a cat wreak the house, having a cat who craps and pisses when it's in a "mood", having a cat that scratches you when it's mad at something else is not something that a logical PERSON does not want to deal with.

  • Men do like cats they just feel tge social pressure to never admit tgey do because its not masculine. A real man can admit a cats cute. It the same thing with startrek everyone says they hate it yet by some miracle it keeps succeeding .

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    I think men pretend not to like them because the cats are loners and only need us for food and a gentle pat now and again, you can't take cats swimming and jogging can you. I love cats but also love my dog.

    I think you're a gentle soul who can see the cleverness that all cats possess. It's nice to see a guy say he likes cats, by the way Im a woman so ignore my ID. Yes they are awesome and funny.

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    I am a guy and I like cats way more than dogs. Cats aren't dirty and they can get on my lap. They also require less food and attention.

    Cats are not very loyal but they're fun creatures.

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    I know this is an old question, but I'm a guy who actually prefers cats over dogs.

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    It's because men want to be in control of EVERYTHING. A dog obeys and a cat doesn't. Cats do whatever they please. I think they're the kind of people who will have trouble finding a woman because of their controlling nature. No woman wants to have a guy treat her like his personal puppet.

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