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Ranks of police officers in Harris County?

Are deputies the same rank as sex crime investigators in harris county, Texas?

If not, how many ranks above a deputy are investigators?

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    Harris County SC Investigators are all deputy sheriffs just like sex detectives are police officers in Houston.

    Everyone who works for the sheriff who is a sworn peace officer is a deputy. The second in command of the whole department is called the Chief Deputy

    Officially Harris county guys are called deputy investigators. Their immediate supervisors are called sergeant investigators.

    They, and many other departments, use investigator instead of detective

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    Technically, there are only two ranks in a sheriff's department, sheriff and deputy.. We use the military-style rank structure for several reasons, but we `are all still deputies. A Special Victims investigator is still a deputy

    Source(s): Former deputy sheriff/corporal
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  • 7 years ago

    Call Harris County and ask them.

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