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Help with American Government and Texas Constitution, please?

What are the correct answers to the following questions...

1) What kind of city election system is likely to produce results that closely a city's population?

a. proportional representation

b. recall

c. at-large-by-place

d. appointed

2) In Texas, county authority is established in great detail in one of these:

a. general ordinance

b. county government code

c. texas constitution and in statutes

d. municipal government code

3) The earliest form of the city commission government in the United States began in which of these Texas cities?

a. Austin

b. Galveston

c. Abilene

d. San Marcos

4) A "home rule" makes it possible for one of the following ________________.

a. allows for the consolidation of special districts

b. allows some cities to decide their own structure and powers under certain limitations

c. allows for redistricting

d. allows two or more cities to consolidate public service provision

5) The role of a county attorney is to __________________.

a. provide legal advice and services to the county government

b. keep records for county commissioners court

c. keeps records for county courts

d. keep records for real estate titles and marriage licenses

6) One of these is responsible for adopting the budget for all county offices, setting taxes, overseeing county programs, and redistricting ___________________.

a. the commissioners court

b. the county prefect

c. the county council

d. the county sheriff

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    "help" means we should do ALL the work for you?

    1) is obvious. You're missing a word in the Q. "that closely (blank) a city's population

    2) do a little research. look up the 4 possibles.

    3) google "The earliest form of the city commission government in the United States began in "

    4) You're too lazy to look up meaning of "home rule"?

    5) google "role of a county attorney in Texas"

    6) well, it cannot possibly be A or D. Gee, I wonder what google might say?

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    So let's get this right. If you pass this test it will mean you are knowledgeable in American and Texan constitutional theory.

    And you will be knowledgeable because you got someone else to research the answers?

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