What aa batteries would be good for a pro series x550 camera from GE?

It seems my batteries drain really quick in this camera, I tried a bunch of different brands, can't remember the names, one were white.Current ones are Raycon or something, I just put them in 2 days ago, haven't used my camera at all, went out today, took 5 pics of a sunset and my battery is drained to two bars.The batteries are rechargeable.


I had this camera for about 3 months, and I'm making monthly payments. Stoneberry won't exchange it as its been past the 30 day mark, GE is willing to take it in and see if there's a faulty part, but they said they would give me used parts, I am paying for a new camera, not half used, plus I am going on vacation next week and won't have it if I ship it out.

Update 2:

Rayovack Rechargables are what I have and after 4 pics the batteries drained to two bars.

I already paid half of it off.

Update 3:

I really wanted a Nikkon Camera, but Stoneberry declined me, It was $300 plus I didn't really want the hassle of removing lenses.

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    Cameras eat batteries - especially the style of camera you have. I would estimate your camera will only average less than 100 photos per set of batteries.

    I doubt it is your camera.

    There are two types of batteries your camera can use - rechargeable and non-rechargeable.

    Non rechargaeble batteries include Alkaline and Lithium (such as Energizer Lithium). If you use these, limit your batteries to Duracell or Energizer brands. Other brands, especially store brands, are not as good. And avoid Dollar Store batteries as they may not be fresh, and are usually off-brand batteries.

    If you go with rechargeable batteries, buy either Sanyo Eneloop XX or Maha/PowerEx batteries, which are Ni-MH. Many of the other brand rechargeable batteries - even the Duracell and Energizer rechargeable NI-MH batteries you typically see at WalMart have low capacities - around 1300mAH. This is half of the capacity that Sanyo Eneloop XX (2400mAH) or Maha/PowerEx (2700mAH) have.

    And finally, buy a charger matched to the batteries. This is the most easily done if you buy them as a set from the manufacturer. Buying a charger that is not designed for the batteries could result in either not having maximum charge placed in the batteries, or worse - damage to the batteries.

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    If you can prove that your camera drains batteries much faster than typical for that model you would have a good case under normal consumer laws for exchanging that camera even after any period stated by the retailer - but if you bought at long distance that might be a long struggle.

    Sadly, when people such as GE make cameras, they don't think too hard about battery life. It seems that you will always have to carry a set of replacement batteries with you. Make sure that any batteries you buy are high capacity, at least 2000mah, preferably over 2500mah (milliamp hours), and that your charger is capable of charging high capacity batteries. Maybe buy a complete 'set' of batteries and charger.

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    Mmm particularly cheap for a superzoom isn't it I question the position they decrease corners, the components used? the way they positioned it together? Is the sensor in it previous technologies? look it may be a rather respectable digicam yet GE would not has the suitable call. See what makes a style strong? a strong customer help and a powerful restore service if issues ruin. it is what makes some manufacturers truly massive you observe.. your lens broke nicely for a small cost and we are speaking about a relative small cost Nikon or Canon are in a position to fix it. yet no longer each and every style has the variety of customer help setup. GE is a hollow style, a style call they could use to promote nicely each and everything. rather undemanding purchase up some cheap stuff in china and positioned your cheap *** style on it. it may be a respectable digicam regardless of the undeniable fact that it is a few distance from professional, will lack administration and .. nicely.. its cheap. I particularly have a Canon a chain...

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    GE makes great jet engines, their cameras absolutely suck!! They have a reputation of being total junk and eating batteries. You could get a couple sets of Maha Powerex 2700 mAh AAs with a Maha charger and maybe you can get by for a while.

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