The eleventh Enochian key and the House of Death why not seek out the 9th house now in time of happiness?

Instead of crisis. The goal of the eleventh key is to take you out of the eighth house into the ninth or house of happiness and life

Jupiter is the dispeller of darkness. Jupiter equals GU- darkness RU-dispell

"A traditional etymology of the term "guru" is based on the interplay between darkness and light. The guru is seen as the one who "dispels the darkness of ignorance."[10][11][12] In some texts it is described that the syllables gu (गु) and ru (रु) stand for darkness and light, respectively.[13]"

The 11th key is Jupiter like energy as the 9th house is jupiter ruled think about it use that key

The 11th key dispels any and all Darkness



House of Death

Rules: Sex, death, taxes, inheritances, money one owes, the partner's finances, what one receives from others, the kind of death one will have, deep soul mate contacts, changes brought about by a major crisis, legacies and wills, how one evolves through suffering. The eighth is the house of the occult, the spiritual and is a house of power.



House of Life

Rules: One's second spouse, one's third child, one's in-laws, and one's religious and spiritual beliefs, long distance travel, universities and higher education, one's grandchildren, one's writing potential. The ninth house rules publishing, foreign countries and cultures, people of other races, foreigner peoples, anything international, advanced training, law suits (along with the 7th house), legal decisions, judges, and one's overall beliefs and philosophies.

he mighty seat groaned aloud

And there were seven thunders

And the eagle spake

And cried with a loud voice:

Come away from the house of death!

And they gathered themselves together

And became those of whom it is measured;

The everlasting ones,

Who ride the whirlwinds.

Come Away! For I have prepared

A place for you.

Move therefore and show yourselves!

Open the mysteries of your Creation!

Be friendly unto me!

For I am the servant of the same!

The true worshipper of Satan/Lucifer

In glory and power exalted

Of the Kingdom of the South

The Eleventh Key in Enochian

Oxiayal holdo od zirom

Q coraxo od vabzir camliax

Od bahal: Niiso salman teloch!

Od par aldon od noan

Casarman holq;

Gohed saga do zildar zong.

Niiso! Bagle abramg pi noncp.

Zacare ca od zamran!

Odo cicle qaa! Zorge!

Zir noco! Hoath Satan

Bvfd lonsh londoh babage

Eleventh Key Enochian Pronunciation

ohk-see-AH-ee-ahl • HOH-luh-doh

OHD • ZEE-rohm • KUH

koh-RAHK-soh • OHD

VAH-buh-zee-ruh • kah-muh-LEE-ahks

OHD • bah-HAHL: • nee-EESS-oh

ZAH-luh-mahn • tay-LOH-kuh!

OHD • PAH-ruh • AH-luh-dohn

OHD • NOH-ahn • kuh-SAH-ruh-mahn

HOH-luh-kuh; • GOH-hud • ZAH-gah,

DOH • ZEE-luh-dahr • ZOHNJZH.

nee-EESS-oh! • BAH-guh-lay

ah-buh-RAH-muhjzh • PEE

NAH-nuh-kuh-puh. • zah-KAH-ray

KAH • OHD • ZAH-muh-rahn!

OH-doh • KEE-kuh-lay • KAH-ah!

ZOR-ruh-jzhay! • ZEE-ruh • NOH-koh!

hoh-AH-tuh-huh • SAY-TAN

BUH-vuh-fuhd • LOH-nuh-suh

LOH-nuh-doh • bah-BAH-jzhay


from here it seems obvious looking at it what the interpertation is if you feel its energy

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    Because I found that when I was seeking the ninth house, I was actually seeking my ninth tail.

    That's when I realized it:

    Sometimes, though, the harder one looks,

    The less one sees.

    I may or may not have a ninth tail --

    I found that it does not matter.

    What matters is balance. =^.^=


    Source(s): ☯ (What do you think of my attempt to make something out of this mess? - giggles - =^.~=)
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    8 years ago

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    4 years ago

    confident I unquestionably have. till now I moved to the place i'm at now my toddler and that i went out the back sliding glass door to the backyard and as quickly as I close the door I heard the protection bar come down and latch to the door. I merely stood there with this oh **** seem on my face. i did no longer have the keys to the front door with me. Thank goodness my toddler replaced into sufficiently small for me to push him up for the time of the window that I left open onto the kitchen table and advised him to open the front door. yet boy replaced into I ever freaking out interior till i found out I left the kitchen window open.

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    8 years ago

    Great Jupiter Rules.

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  • 8 years ago


  • Where'd you get this interpretation of the 11th Key? The one I read in the Satanic Bible was different from this o3o

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