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Who are some International Traitors in Football (soccer)?

I'm a fan of the Polish team mainly because my family is from there...and the amount of traitors are uncountable. many players from the German squad are actually Polish, some very well-known names like Klose and Podolski and Trochowski. Even on the French national team there is Koscielny...and they all had a chance to play in the country they were from but took the money route... Also teams like Switzerland have many Albanian players... So who are some international traitors u know of?

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    That's exact my opinion ... these evil international mercenaries should become arrested !

    Karol Wojtyła has left Poland for SSC Vatican.

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer joined CFC Luther.

    Frédéric Chopin joined the French national team.

    Roman Polanski went to St. Barbara (California / USA)

    Marie Curie became member of the female French national team.

    N. Kopernikus did prefer FC Frauenberg.

    E. Kant was payed by the SC Königsberg.

    Manfred von Richthofen started in Breslau, joined the German national team.

    Jarosław Kaczyński has left his potatoe box, then joined FC PiS

    K. Kinski started in Zoppot, joined the German national team, then SA Lagunitas (California / USA).

    Wojciech Jaruzelski started for Poland, in 1981 he switched to ZSKA Moskau.

    The only brave and honourful person on this list is Lech Walesa, because he played his whole life for the Armia Krajowa !

    A' m I right or yes !?

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    Traitors? What would you do if,you,we're a us citizen, but your parents were from Uruguay and they offered you a slot on their national team? Especially if you may NEVER get a shot on the US team? What would YOU do if you moved to the USA established a life here, became a citizen.... And offered a chance on the TeamUSA ? You take advantage of the opportunity to play.... Traitor? No. Dedicated soccer player.... yes!

    If Poland offered you a slot on their team, and you had no,chance to play on the US team.... Wouldn't you go to? You traitor, you.... Lol


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    Lol, Zinedine Zidane is African yet he played for France, Jerome Boateng the brother of Kevin-Prince is Ghanaian yet he plays for Germany while Kevin-prince plays for Ghana...Many more players choose which countries to play for, for recognision...

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