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Moving calculator, estimator...good site with comps?

I'm trying to compare the various methods of moving and for some reason, the Pods, Pack-Rat and other self-load container companies don't put prices on their sites, but require your info and then call you. I don't need to talk to anyone....this ploy actually makes me angry. Unfortunately, this is the method that I think will work best for me, so would love to hear from anyone who has used any Pods or self-load company for opinions. I think I'll need 2 of the largest containers, but wanted to get a closer idea.

3 bedrooms, living & den, kitchen, 2 baths, office, garage and attic/storage. Will most likely not be moving appliances, but part of the garage inventory is the minutia that when put together is a goodly sized RenFaire booth/biz.

Criminy....outdoor stuff too (table/chairs/fountain...rats) Gawd, am dreading this :(


What happened to the moving/packing category?? Can't find anything close to it...

Update 2: metal overseas shipping containers....these are storage modulars that are lightweight and dropped at your street address via truck, for cross-town or country move by roadway. You fill them up and seal them. The truck returns and loads it and either takes it to a centralized storage facility to await your instructions or delivers it directly to the address you give them. PODS,

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    === two large shipping containers are going to cost you about $26K to $30K == and you will need certified inventory and ""bill of lading"" for each container --- you need packers and probably an interior platform or 2nd floor to protect your things == the reason that you cannot find a calculator is that those companies want to do their own estimates AND get the most dollars from you for the shipment of your goods === the container goes to the nearest sea port and then is checked by US Customs and then put on a ship and moved to the port nearest to your destination and then trucked to your home == moving all of your stuff overseas will be a disappointment [[[ unless you are building a home that is large enough to handle all those rooms and the garage stuff, too == most homes that are overseas are very limited and closet space is small == arrange to take your new kitchen cabinets as the normal kitchen only has a single sink hanging on the wall ===== I hope the best for you and the move and if you do not have a residence picked out and rented or owned then it is best that you go to your new city and "" find and see and rent/buy """ and realize that half of what your plan to take is not needed == pair down and have a garage sale === sure it would be good to have the calculator BUT those container and moving co's want to get you to sign a contract and they will add-on fees at the final end that you never believed could happen .... be cautious ....

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